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I worked on a birthday present for my nephew. Another Minecraft Creeper…sSSSSsss BOOM! This time I used a variety of greens instead of solids. I like it. It looks more like grass:)

Friday Finishes...sSSSSsss BOOM!

I drooled over a Janome Hello Kitty turquoise:)

I worked. I did some blogging, cut some fabrics and prepped for a guild meeting. My embroidery demo is all ready to go. Can’t wait to see everyone again. Wow the months are just flying by! I’m starting to feel a bit pinched for time with the holidays creeping up on me…sSSSSsss BOOM!

Friday Finishes...sssSSSss BOOM!

There are a few things I’d like to check off my list before the end of the year… 2 t-shirt quilts and our CLMQG BOM, not including other crafty things that I want to do too! So I need to get busy…
We had a sewin/sleepover on Saturday and we made some good progress on the BOM.

Friday Finishes...sSSSSsss BOOM!

I only have 1 block left to complete and my printer is unable to print the template…figures…

Friday Finishes...sSSSSsss BOOM!

Paige is working on the layout and, hopefully soon, I’ll be able to get it ready for quilting.

Friday Finishes...sSSSSsss BOOM!

Then, us girls went out to celebrate and unwind at the Blues Bar for dinner. The Bluesmobile is actually in the bar y’all! Very cool place with some tasty BBQ.

Friday Finishes...sSSSSsss BOOM!

So tell me, …what projects would you like to complete before the holidays roll in? Christmas will sneak up on us before we know it! sSSSSsss BOOM!

The great things about hexagons are that they only require scraps and you can work on them anywhere…at the orthodontist visit, after school pick up, or road trips! The Molecular Hexies quilt block is the final block for the CLMQG BOM. I hope to complete my remaining 4 blocks (8,9,10,&11) next week so that I can begin putting the quilt together soon! This is a 12.5 inch(12″ finished) hexagon block based on the BOM and tutorial by sewmod Molecular Hexie tutorial Supplies: 12.5″ background fabric Scraps of fabric for hexies Paper template Scissors Needle & thread *read all directions before starting your project… For the original CLMQG block, I used a 1-1/4″ hexie template and arranged them in rows of 5 & 4. If you’re working on the CLMQG BOM, but are unable to do handwork, I’ve provided the link to Jacquie Gering’s blog tutorial on Sewing Hexagons By Machine Without Marking for an alternative to English Paper Piecing. For the block variation, I used a variety of the hexagon templates to create a Molecular Hexie block and laid them out in a fun pattern. You get to choose which design you’d like to add to your quilt. Be creative! Print your templates and cut out the hexagons. Template downloads 3/4″ Hexie 1″ Hexie 1-1/4″ Hexie 1-1/2″ Hexie 2″ Hexie After you’ve cut the paper templates out, gather your fabrics and cut your scrap at least a 1/4″ around on all sides of the template for easy turning. Use a small pin to secure the paper to the fabric. Molecular hexie sewmod Either finger press, or if it makes you feel more comfortable until you get the hang of it, iron down all the sides. Once you’ve mastered the hexies you’ll no longer need to iron. SewMod molecular hexies Thread your needle and make a small knot. Use any thread to baste your hexagons. I like to use up some of my older, less expensive spools here. Starting on one of the points, work your way in and out around the hexagon and through the paper. SewMod molecular hexies To attach the hexagons, layer right sides together and whip stitch, grabbing just enough fabric to keep them together, but not going through the paper this time. For this step I use a coordinating YLI silk thread which can be found at your LQS. It glides right though the fabrics without knotting, is strong, & buries your stitches making them barely noticeable! I use YLI silks for all of my hexies and appliqué projects. SewMod molecular hexie tutorial Tiny whip stitches make all the difference to make sure your stitching is barely visible from the front. Practice, practice:) Once your hexagons are attached to one another, clip the basting threads and release the paper. Starch and press back into shape. But don’t toss those papers out yet! You can reuse them for other hexie projects. Molecular hexie sewmod Decide on the hexie placement of your block and pin into place on the background fabric. Molecular hexies sewmod Appliqué your hexies with a top stitch close to the edge onto your background fabric. SewMod molecular hexies My Molecular Hexie was made using a variety of Kaffe and other modern prints and machine appliquéd onto a hand-dyed background fabric. I enjoyed this block and I hope you do too! SewMod molecular hexies SewMod molecular hexies Now wasn’t that easy? The hardest part was just deciding which Hexie block to make!

Wow that’s a lot of initials. I’m all caught up on the guilds block of the month and I wanted to share how our progress was going.

These block tutorials are located on the Crystal Lake Modern Quilt Guilds blog. Just click the button on the left hand side of our blog and it will take you there if you’re interested in making one of your own.

Paige picked out all the fabrics and I’m doing the sewing. Together we’re going to have one fabulous quilt! She’s using a variety of Kaffe prints, modern plaids and hand dyed solids. I’ve already showed y’all 2 of the blocks so far but since it was such a beautiful day here and I had time to spare, I took some great shots of the blocks outside.

Block #1

SewMod CLMQG bom

Block #2 Modern Maple

SewMod modern maple quilt block

Block #3

SewMod CLMQG bom

Block #4 Modern Movement

Modern movement quilt block sewmod

Block #5 “X And +”

SewMod x and + quilt block

Block #6 Anita’s Arrowhead

SewMod Anita's arrowhead quilt block

Block #7 Rolling Diamonds

SewMod Rolling Diamonds quilt block

And here they are showing off all together like jewels in the sun!

SewMod CLMQG bom

The Crystal Lake Modern Quilt Guild is doing a BOM quilt and some of the members are helping out by doing the demo on each one. Our demo was the “X and +” block. The demos are done in all the same colors, which are our CLMQG logo colors, but each member can make their own version. Should be interesting to see what everyone comes up with since we all have so many different styles. The demo quilt blocks will be put together and raffled off after we’re all finished.

Our inspiration for this block was a tutorial provided by Amy at

If you live in the Northwestern suburbs of Chicago and haven’t visited us, please do! We have a great time. There is lots to learn from each other. Many workshops are offered throughout the year and it’s a great time to catch up on all those UFO’s you have laying around. We meet in the basement of the Crystal Lake Home State Bank Mortgage Center on Route 14 typically the 2nd Sunday of every month. We look forward to seeing you!

So what do you say let’s get started on this block?

Gather up those fabrics. We used Kona cottons for the demo but you can make this scrappy too. What a great way to use up some of that fabric!

sewmod X and + block tutorial

“X And +” 12 inch finished quilt block
Begin by cutting your fabric:
For the center cross, cut (4) green 2.5″ squares and (1) 2.5″ orange square
For the edges of the cross, cut (4) white 2.5″ x 3.5″ rectangles
For the background triangles, cut (8) light blue 3.5″ squares
For the X cut (4) navy blue 5.5″ squares

sewmod X and + quilt block tutorial

Making the X block:
On the back of the light blue squares, mark with a pencil from corner to corner.

sewmod x block tutorial

Sew directly on the line and using a rotary cutter, trim the seam allowance to 1/4″. Repeat for each block.

sewmod x block tutorial

Press and repeat for the opposite corner.

sewmod x block tutorial

To make the + in the center of the X, sew the blocks in the order according to the picture. Press the seams to the left.

sewmod x block tutorial

Sew the remaining green squares to the white rectangles.

sewmod x block tutorial

Lay out your block according to picture and begin by sewing the X blocks to either side of the green/white units. Press to the right. Finish by sewing the rows to the top and bottom of the middle white/green/orange unit.

sewmod x block tutorial

And here is the finished X and + quilt block for the Guild! Easy,right?

sewmod x block tutorial

This is the one we are adding to our BOM quilt. Paige picked out a variety of hand dyes, modern plaids, and Kaffe fabrics. It’s going to be wild, crazy modern and I am excited to put this together! Check back often to see our other blocks from the quilt.


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