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As some of you know, I use my loft space as my sewing room. Sure, it’s small but I’ve grown accustomed to the spot and I’m not sure I would be happy sewing anywhere else in my house. In order to keep my sanity though, I’ve got to be organized and I can’t keep too much of a stash on hand, so I try to use what I buy.

What little fabric I have, I organize by color, unless I’m not ready to break up the line just yet. I wish I had a “before” pic of this closet. Every time I’d open it, stuff fell at my feet. Embarrassing…yes! Paige suggested organizing by color and folding flatter than the fat quarters to optimize my space and be able to find things faster. I gotta tell ya…I’m loving it!

I bought a big binder and added these clear pocket liners to keep track of all my loose papers and patterns.

I built an ironing table with the help of the Container Store. It has a heavy board about 2 yards long as the top. I covered it with batting and then decorator weight fabric for the ironing surface. I bought a June Tailor Quilting Square from Joann’s and glued a cutting mat on the back of it to use as my cutting surface on top of the ironing table.

The bottom has container storage which houses a giant, annoying, unbearable to look in, overflowing, and I don’t dare open scrap bin, precuts, trims, supplies, to-do and current projects.

This used to be a batting covered board propped up against the wall. I would bump into it, the dogs would knock it over and it was just plain ugly. I had a neighbor frame it and we hung it on the wall. One of the best things I did for this tiny space.


A visit to Paige’s sewing room….

Paige has an amazing workspace in her basement. Lots of natural light and open spaces. A large wall space that will soon be her design wall. and a double closet for all her fabric. Let’s take a tour…

This is her new work table. A huge table top with lots of cabinet storage underneath.

She keeps a lot of her supplies stored in these blue boxes, like buttons and marking tools.

She organizes her to-do projects in basket cubbies.

Her fabric closets are also organized by color.

Hanging your  “waiting to be quilted” projects or these hand dyed fabrics  from hangers is a great idea.

And I gotta say, her scrap bins are way more organized than mine.

I think I’ll go organize my scrap bin now…ugh:(

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