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Just jokin y’all. I did not accomplish all of this in one week. But I did manage to write 3 blog posts this week so I’m counting that alone as a win!

I’m just here to do a bit of show ‘n’ tell for you. Maybe it’ll provide you with some inspiration to get moving on some of those projects that you’ve been wanting to check off your list.

My Glimma bag is complete. I quilted it myself with very few naughty words. And you wanna know how? When you free yourself from the idea of traditional perfection and become inspired by the works of Jacquie Gering, you’re able to create without boundaries. She recently visited us at the CLMQG. I’ve been lucky enough to have had the pleasure twice now and I’m amazed at her work each time. If you get the chance to see her in person, take it. You won’t be disappointed!

SewMod glimma bag

I quilted it with free motion lines. I didn’t draw them on first. I didn’t measure anything. I just went for it! And guess what? I’m in love with my new bag!

SewMod glimma bag

The pattern is a design by Paige called the Sophie Bag and will be released shortly so that you can make one for yourself! It’s big enough to use for your overnight stays. It can carry your favorite quilt, pillow and girly accessories. Wouldn’t this be great for all those stay over parties your teen goes to?

SewMod glimma bag

I made this pillowcase for a big Detroit Lions fan using this tutorial from Twiddle Tails. This fabric is a bit hard to find in Bears territory!

SewMod Detroit lions pillowcase

I finally..luckily…found some on my last trip to OKC. Hard to believe that I had to travel 700 miles when Detroit is right up the bend! Anyway, just glad I did!

Do you MineCraft? Seems to be all the rage for the kiddos on Xbox. This quilt was a birthday gift. It’s called a creeper. He blows things up of course:)

SewMod Minecraft quilt

I used money fabric for the back. It has nothing to do with MineCraft but I knew the little guy would like it. And I was right because when his mom took it off his bed to wash it, she discovered he was hoarding actual money under it! …kids, right? :)

SewMod minecraft creeper quilt

This is a duvet that me & Wendy made for a toddler bed. Yes, another sample of what to do with Glimma…

SewMod glimma duvet

Check out this shortcut using snap tape that can be found at your local Joann’s. It’s twill tape with snaps on it to use in place of buttons or Velcro. I’ve used it twice now to make duvets. A little expensive but that can be helped with a 40% coupon!

SewMod twill snap tape

And last..this travel notepad and crayon holder for your little one. An easy tutorial provided by Modern Maven. Took us only about an hour and she loved her special gift.

SewMod crayon wallet

So tell me girls…What have you made lately? Have you made anything using our SewMod fabrics? Or maybe something that I’ve shown a tutorial for? Send me your pics at sewmod at I’d love to share them on the blog. We could have a customer creates blog day!

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