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We had such a great time getting together this past weekend to teach the Patchwork Glamper. Spending the day before Mother’s Day sewing, chatting and crafting. What more could a mom want to start the weekend off.

Patchwork Glamper

The Patchwork Glamper is a fun way to incorporate all those trims, buttons and embellishments you’ve been stashing and a great way to learn many skills like English Paper Piecing (EPP) hexagons and embroidery with low commitment.

It’s so fun to see how each persons creativity shines through when we hold workshops or customers send us pics of items they’ve made with our patterns.

This design is so flexible and forgiving. Each of the girls work was unique.  For example…A few of the girls decided to leave out their center hexie and let the flower be the focus and the background fabric shine through.

Patchwork Glamper

Or design your own camper to add to the work. Ann wanted her camper to be similar to the one she travels in so she designed her very own and added a little bling.

Patchwork glamper

Or how about how Wendy decided she’d rather have a pillow and tweaked hers to be more square. Check out her cute puppy button in her center hexie!

Patchwork Glamper

Jalana had a great idea to repurpose the burlap from a bouquet she received. And check out all the details she added to glamp up her work…her wheel is a adorable!

Patchwork Glamper

Jen’s Glamper is so bright and cheery! Her first time at hand sewing hexies and embroidery work. Great job Jen!

Patchwork Glamper

Ann finished and framed her Glamper. I think I’m now partial to the tilted letter. It gives it a whimsy feel.

Patchwork Glamper

The workshop was so relaxed that us teachers even got in on the action. Paige used her time to refresh her hand sewing skills.

Patchwork Glamper

And I finished up my sample while I showed the girls the techniques.

Patchwork glamper

Thanks everyone for participating. We had a great time!

Contact me if you’d like SewMod to come teach a Patchwork Glamper class. You can find all of our workshop info here.

For Paige…..

I made this for you.
What will it be? What can I make? It will live in my stitching box for as long as it will take!

Camper embroidery

A bag? Oh, that would be cute. But how many do you really need?

Framed camper quilt

A pillow? No. Sophie would lay on it and Kitty would pee.
I thought about a journal cover. That was what was almost to be.

Framed camper quilt

But then one day, Inspiration came to me. A sweet little something with a capital “P”.

Framed camper embroidery

Hehehe😜 Happy Valentine’s Paige! 💕

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