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Napkins SewMod

I’ve used cloth napkins so long, I feel GUILTY when I reach for a paper towel. My Grandma made me some for Christmas about 15 years ago with matching place mats and after I moved away from OKC to Chicago I thought about her every time I used them. So not only are cloth napkins the “green” way to go but I’ve also developed a sort of comfort attachment in some way I guess.. I tucked those napkins and place mats away for safe keeping and I’ve just gotten around to replacing them and I’m going to give you an easy tutorial on how to make some for yourself.

Over the years, I’ve used several methods for making napkins. From one-sided to the fancy ones that are doubled-sided with mitered corners..these are reserved for the holidays,

sewmod DIY cloth napkin

but today we are just going to make double-sided with a top stitch.

SewMod glimma napkins

The pic above is from the “I Glimma All Over The Place”   blog post about a month ago and those napkins have been tried and tested through many washes and I am here to tell ya that they look and feel like new! So don’t hesitate on going green yourself… let’s get started on your own set!

I used fat quarters for mine but you can use up some of that fabric from your stash by cutting 18 ” squares. You will need 2 per napkin.

SewMod diy cloth napkin tutorial

Place your (2) 18″ squares right sides together. Pin so it doesn’t shift while sewing.
Using a 1/4″ seam allowance sew all the way around the fabric, leaving a 3-4 inch opening for turning.

SewMod diy cloth napkin tutorial

Clip the corners, being careful not to cut through the stitches.

SewMod diy cloth napkin tutorial

Turn right sides out through the opening. I used this handy little thingamajig to poke my corners out nicely. Just make sure you don’t push too hard. You’ll push right through your seams.

SewMod diy cloth napkin tutorial

Press, making sure to turn in the openings raw edges.

SewMod cloth napkin tutorial

Top stitch close to the edge on all sides to secure the opening. This helps keep the fabric from shifting and will help it lie nicely over time.

SewMod diy cloth napkin tutorial

And you’re all finished! Now go make a nice meal for your Babe or Sweetie to compliment your pretty napkins!

SewMod cloth napkin tutorial

SewMod diy cloth napkin tutorial

Make sets for your holiday table..

SewMod diy cloth napkin tutorial

Or gifties for your friends. They’re sure to be impressed!

The Michael Miller challenge fabrics arrived, are cut and are ready to be passed out this Sunday at the CLMQG meeting. I hope you’re as excited as me! This fabric is beautiful and so soft. I have an idea in my head about what I want to do with it, but of course I have to keep it a secret!

Michael miller quilt challenge SewMod MQG CLMQG

We have 2 alternate times for pick-ups for those of you who have registered for the challenge but can’t make it to Sundays meeting.
Paige and I will be at the Starbucks on route 31 in Cary in front of the Super Walmart from 9am to 10am on Friday, April 11th.
Shelley will also have them available from 12-5 Friday afternoon at Material Girl.

I spent all day cutting & bundling these.

Mm quilt challenge MQG SEWMOD CLMQG

And after I bundled them, I added a little ‘fortune cookie’ note to set the mood!

MM quilt challenge fabrics CL,QG MQG SewMod

If you’re unfamiliar with the challenge, visit the Modern Quilt Guild website and catch up because I’m sure you’ll want to see the winners and original quilts that the talented modern quilters come up with!

A big thanks to everyone who came to see us at the Pride Of The Prairie quilt show last weekend. It was a huge success and we really love vending there. We were so busy I didn’t even get a chance to see the quilts but I heard they were beautiful…bummer.

I worked my mad skills on the booth. I seem to enjoy that process a lot. I love seeing the transformation from a backdrop and a table to something that draws people over..smiling and shopping of course. I wish I had taken a before pic.

sewmod pride of the prairie

Did a little promoting of the Crystal lake Modern Quilt Guild, which by the way is growing tremendously. We now have 61 members and its only our 1st year! I’d say that is amazing, right!

sewmod CLMQG

Took this great shot of the Sassy Strollers Quilt. So sweet…

sewmod sassy strollers

And Paige managed to work her mad skills creating some more SewMod Stacks while we were there. You can find these and many more in the Etsy shop. I added about 12 new sets the other day. The SewMod Stacks pull from different fabric companies & different lines to mix & match. We like to show quilters that you can jump out of that pre-made bundle and mix it up. It’s ok to do your own thing! The SewMod Stacks tend to sell pretty fast. We offer them at a 15% discount.

SewMod Stacks

SewMod Satcks

It was really hard trying to keep Paige away from sneaking off with them for herself!

sewmod stacks

Next week were releasing a new SewMod pattern so stay tuned ya’ll. Until then have a great weekend!

We’re gearing up for the big show y’all. Madison Quilt Expo is only a few weeks away and were busier than heck getting things ready to make this years’ show a bigger success than last year. Many peeps have stepped up to help us make our goal. There is a mass frenzy of kitting and cutting. There’s so much fabric flying I thought we’d lose Daisy in the

Our biggest seller is Art Gallery’s Oval Elements. The perfect filler & we have every color cut into fat quarters and bundled just waiting to find a new home. It’s a bundle of eye candy!….Take me please….


Adorable right? These owls whip up in no time and we have about 30 kits made. Halloween or for a child’s room. Contact me if you’d like first dibs on one. They come with a free pattern and are only $7.25!


And this baby bundle called Glimma will soon grow up to be a Cannon Beach quilt.


I have lots more to show you but if you know me by now, you realize I’m a little OCD when it comes to showing y’all the quilts unless they are completely finished. So I’m working on a few bindings over the next coupla days and hopefully be back soon to tease you with more quilty love!

Hey friends! Hope everyone is swell:-)
We have lots of new fabrics in the shop which I’m very excited to share with y’all.

Pat Bravo from Art Gallery has been busy designing more wonderful prints. This new line is called Carnaby Street. Designed in mind with the “swinging London” movement of the 60’s. Her line reflects “groovy blooms, strong geometrics,and liberty-esque florals”.


Check out this print called Brit Boutique Royal.


Jeni Baker has designed her first line for Art Gallery Fabrics called Color Me Retro. You might know her as the blogger from In Color Order. Inspired by retro kitchenware from the 50’s and 60’s.


Kitchens curtains come to mind….so cute!

Next up, new fabrics from Blend. Global Bazaar which features spice colored prints from a melting pot of destinations.


And these two called Keiko Pink & Pine Stickers.


Riley Blake sent up these adorable prints with coordinating fabrics and charm squares. This line is Happily Ever After. Perfect for that little happy princess of yours!



All of these prints are in the Etsy shop. Head on over and check ’em out!

I know, I’m 2 days late with that one, but it seems to have taken me awhile to get back on track. I’ve been a little lazy…Great way to start off the new year, right?

I know I’ve said this before, but the Holidays just flew by! We took a trip back home to OKC, spent some time with family and had a lot of fun. Santa was good to me this year, so I thought I’d use today’s post to share what I call the Christmas Loot. I received a couple of gift cards to two of my favorite OKC quilt stores, Savage Quilter & Oklahoma QuiltWorks.

Oklahoma QuiltWorks is my fave.

They are a nice size store with a great mix of styles focusing on the modern side. Lots of samples, a kaffe wall, Cosmo threads..yea!! I signed up for their newsletter and received a 20% coupon for my birthday off my total purchase. I kinda went overboard in there. Oh well!

Kitchen prints from Maude Asbury. I’m thinking edging for tea towels with some embroidered fruits and veggies for these.

I Couldn’t pass this Maude Asbury up called Calypso. These fabrics from Blend are sooo nice!

Patterns and novelty prints and of course I got every Cosmo floss they had.

I always find the latest Amy Butler there and a new print from Valori Wells.

And lastly, these prints that I’m absolutely kicking myself for not buying more of called Echo.

Check out this kit they had for Kaffe houses. I love This! I didn’t buy the kit but I think I may have to add houses to my list this year.

Savage Quilter is  newer quilt store to the area. A very nice staff. The owner is always friendly and ready to help. Even when we decided to show up 30 minutes before closing. If you’ve ever worked retail, you know that’s annoying:)

I found lots of goodies and inspiration here.

I thought this would make a pretty cute messenger bag or pillow.

And a pile of random goodness, including a Pezzy Print layer cake!

Now all I have to do is find the time to sew!

Good Morning everyone:)

Hoo’s In The Forest? Cute little deer, wide-eyed owls, hedgehogs, all kinds of forest critters!

And what do they like to eat? ….apples, cherries and strawberries!

The full order, all 23 bolts in this collection, arrived yesterday. It has 4 main colors to it…blues , greens, yellows and pinks, along with some plaids, daisies , and solids.

Cute & whimsy!

We also had some charm squares from Hoo and Christmas Candy come with it.

I hope everyone enjoys their Friday. I’m going to spend mine working on adding these to the Etsy shop and later having dinner with Paige.

Happy sewing!

I found some more awesome kitties for Paige to drool over:) It’s from the Eerie Alley collection from Kaufman fabrics. It should be available in May.

And I wouldn’t want to forget to show you these from the same line.

And would you just look at these prints from Riley Blake coming out soon called Trick or Treat.

There’s even trim and buttons to match!

Oh my cuteness!!


With Quilt In Joy having the biggest selection of Batiks in the area, I’m sure at some point someone will want me to help with their fabric selection for a quilt. I’m totally unfamiliar with these fabrics and only until a few weeks ago I had never even owned one of these fabrics.

Remember I’ve been on a turquoise kick lately, so I couldn’t resist these prints.

I’m finding that the only Batiks I seem to be attracted to are the ones that read a certain design. Like the daises above or the one’s that arrived at the store recently.  These are from Anthology and Kaufman.

And look at how this one reads flowers. I was immediately drawn to these dark prints.

These caught my interest because they look like cute polka dots. These are the Emma and Essentials line.

And just look at this awesome woven basket made out of Batiks that the store is giving a class in. It’s called Knotty Baskets.

And since I’m Batik challenged, Paige let me borrow several of her books. I’m going to be picking a quilt design and trying to put together an entire Batik quilt. Wish me luck!

As some of you know, I use my loft space as my sewing room. Sure, it’s small but I’ve grown accustomed to the spot and I’m not sure I would be happy sewing anywhere else in my house. In order to keep my sanity though, I’ve got to be organized and I can’t keep too much of a stash on hand, so I try to use what I buy.

What little fabric I have, I organize by color, unless I’m not ready to break up the line just yet. I wish I had a “before” pic of this closet. Every time I’d open it, stuff fell at my feet. Embarrassing…yes! Paige suggested organizing by color and folding flatter than the fat quarters to optimize my space and be able to find things faster. I gotta tell ya…I’m loving it!

I bought a big binder and added these clear pocket liners to keep track of all my loose papers and patterns.

I built an ironing table with the help of the Container Store. It has a heavy board about 2 yards long as the top. I covered it with batting and then decorator weight fabric for the ironing surface. I bought a June Tailor Quilting Square from Joann’s and glued a cutting mat on the back of it to use as my cutting surface on top of the ironing table.

The bottom has container storage which houses a giant, annoying, unbearable to look in, overflowing, and I don’t dare open scrap bin, precuts, trims, supplies, to-do and current projects.

This used to be a batting covered board propped up against the wall. I would bump into it, the dogs would knock it over and it was just plain ugly. I had a neighbor frame it and we hung it on the wall. One of the best things I did for this tiny space.


A visit to Paige’s sewing room….

Paige has an amazing workspace in her basement. Lots of natural light and open spaces. A large wall space that will soon be her design wall. and a double closet for all her fabric. Let’s take a tour…

This is her new work table. A huge table top with lots of cabinet storage underneath.

She keeps a lot of her supplies stored in these blue boxes, like buttons and marking tools.

She organizes her to-do projects in basket cubbies.

Her fabric closets are also organized by color.

Hanging your  “waiting to be quilted” projects or these hand dyed fabrics  from hangers is a great idea.

And I gotta say, her scrap bins are way more organized than mine.

I think I’ll go organize my scrap bin now…ugh:(

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