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The Northern Illinois Quilt Fest runs July through September and during this time some of the local barns and gardens are either featuring a painted quilt block or a quilt block garden, or both. Paige and I decided to hit the road yesterday for a little break from sewing and check out the ones that were being displayed locally in Crystal Lake.

First up was our local community college, MCC. The college has a small walking flower garden on campus. This was such a delight to me because I didn’t even know it was back there. If you’re a local, you should definitely take a little tour.

Everywhere we looked we saw perfect areas to drape a quilt, so we asked permission to come back and take pics. We had just finished up with one of our shop samples from the Pick A Bunch line. What better quilt to display in a flower garden than a sweet little quilt with colorful daisies on it.

This quilt was made from the Heather Mulder Peterson book, Living Large and the pattern was called Pretty In Pink.The original pattern had several appliqued flowers in the corners but we choose to leave them off. It was so sweet, it didn’t need any extras…it’s a Pick A Bunch of sweetness!

We took Summer Tweets along with us too. The Wrenly fabric was also perfect for these outside pics since it’s full of birdie artwork. There were two perfect spots to display it.

The quilts looked beautiful hanging in the sunlight surrounded by flowers and trees. This little garden would have made a perfect place for a small quilt display. MCC was featuring the quilt garden block on the tour, but to be honest, we still can’t figure out which block it’s supposed to be.

This barn is our local community space for people to plant a veggie garden who don’t have the space in their own backyard. There is acreage behind it and I always see the people back there tending to their garden. This block was the Weather Vane Variation.

Countryside Nursery hosted both the garden and painted quilt block…the St. Louis block.

And this one was a private participant in the tour. Their block was Ohio Star Variation.

I’d like to see them leave the painted quilts on the barns even after the show ends. Hopefully, Paige and I will be able to see more of the barns,  gardens, and festivities in the other cities in the quilt fest through the next few months. We’ll be sure and take the camera along so you can follow in on the fun!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Do you ever get something in your mind and can’t stop thinking about it, wanting it? No, this isn’t another food post. I’m not talking about cheesecake or chocolate:)

It all started with this cute bicycle embroidery I drew.

Then, I found out that my neighbor, Mary Lou, from Customphotopics was selling this beautiful greeting card of a yellow bike with flowers, and well, my interest grew a tiny bit more. I bought two of them and placed one in the studio for inspiration. I get to look at this yellow temptation every morning. Be sure and check out her site. The card was even more beautiful when I received it!

An Etsy search turned this up. An 8×8 print called Basket of Tulips by Simplyhue. Seriously, now I’m just torturing myself with all the vintage goodness.

And this one from tresureagain.

Many of you locals will remember this in front of Tammy Tadd’s quilt store.

My Google results turned up these..

A wedding pic found here.

It didn’t stop there. I did a bad thing and did a Craigslist search for our area and found this. All that’s missing is the flowers. I need someone to talk some sense into me.


Or…I could try to win one & you could too! Riley Blake is having a quilt contest. Get a chance to win a Cruiser by making a quilt with Riley Blake fabrics and enter it in the contest. Details found here..Woo-Hoo!

As promised I’m back with the results from mine & Daisy’s stroll.

Here is my neighbor, Gloria’s, flowers. Baskets of Geraniums and Cranesbill Geranium ground cover.

My flowers aren’t so impressive yet. July/August seems to be my best bloomers. Daisies, Cone flowers, Daylilies, and last year my Impatiens were a whopping 30″ tall. So, we’ll have to wait for mine to catch up. This is my Clematis. Pretty decent this year but not loaded with blooms. Why? Too much shade maybe?

This is one not too far from my house…beautiful.

Daisies and I can never remember the name of the hot pink ones… Coreopsis maybe?

I visited the pond and saw this crane across the way.

And a mamma and daddy duckie protecting their babies. You can barely see them..I didn’t want to get too close.

If you really want to see some beautiful pics of flowers, you should check out my tea buddy, Joyce’s, Flickr photostream set. Just beautiful! Thanks for sharing Joyce:)

Pick A Bunch by Nancy Mims for Robert Kaufman fabrics came in on Wednesday. Well, at least 1/2 of it did. The others will be arriving soon. Those purples are sooo cute! Here’s a peek of the one’s we’re expecting shortly…

Pick A Bunch is all organic cotton. You can visit Nancy’s blog or the website. There’s some pretty cool ideas for fabrics on the blog. They’ve recovered chairs,made pillows, and totes. The website has a room creator tab that’s pretty fun on it. It lets you pick fabrics for the walls & couches. You can even decorate the kitty:) Check it out!

Happy Monday!

I can already hear the moans out there:) But if you’re one of the lucky ones who get the day off, it’s the perfect opportunity to get something done. I’m a big believer in any task, small or large, that you can accomplish in the day is rewarding. It makes us feel good. It’s satisfying and always makes me geared up to take on the next task.

Our SewMod group had 1 year to make 7 rows, each of them different, for each member in the group. Each of us provided a fat quarter for focus and we took off from there.  For example, I made stars for Andrea from her fabric, dresdens for Shelley from hers…etc. In the end we will each have a completed quilt. I know, it’s a little confusing. It took me forever to figure it out.

We do our row swap in just 2 short weeks at our monthly meeting.

So, I’m using today’s post to encourage any of the group who haven’t finished to git”r”done!

Here’s a few of the girls’ rows completed so far.

Aren’t they awesome! Their creativity amazes me and I’m ever so honored that I was invited into this group. It’s literally changed my life….but more on that subject at a later date:)…. I know, the suspense will kill you, won’t it?:))

I can’t wait to show you my completed rows in a couple of weeks. My focus fabric is Halloween!

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