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A quilt I worked on during our SewMod sewing day was this quilt called Taza Baby. I cut all my Taza scraps into 4″ squares and sewed them together. The Kona Ash gray arrived in the store last week and was the perfect addition to calm this quilt and allow your eyes to rest.

Get your scraps out and use them, play with them. This quilt was on my design wall for a about a week before I finally realized it needed the gray. I knew it was missing something. I’m glad I didn’t give up. It turned out great! Paige did an all-over playful loop with the quilting. It doesn’t need anything more than that and this quilting can easily be done on your machine as well.

I even used the rest of the scraps on the backing.

Now, all baby has to do is pick which side she likes best!

Taza, by Dena Designs, arrived a couple of days ago. It has a shabby chic, fresh feeling to it. I also can see a really pretty, modern baby room designed around this.

And I just couldn’t resist adding the Kaffe Polka dot to the collection. It’s perfect! This yellow Ribbon Damask is one of my fave’s from the line.

And this one catches my eye too.

My mom loved the stripe. I’m tellin’ ya, I totally see a baby girl here!

And speaking of my mom, look at the adorable crocheted flowers she made for an owl kit we’re working on. Won’t these be cute as little owl hair accessories! Thanks mom:)

And another thing, if I had to rely on my gardening skills to survive, I’m afraid I would starve to death! I planted tomatoes at the beginning of summer and I swear the plant only grew to about 18″ tall and produced the saddest little tomato I’ve seen.

My neighbor said it looked like a giant strawberry…ouch. Thank goodness there is always a back-up plan…the local farmer’s market:)

I patiently await Christmas fabric to arrive.

I eagerly await Christmas fabric to arrive.

I’ve began to stalk the postman:)

My first fabrics arrived the other day….Michael Miller. Some Funky Christmas, Ho Ho Hoot, and Yule Trees.

Just look at these sweet little reindeer. They’re so retro. I’m probably going to kick myself later for not buying a lot more of this in the turquoise. Actually, I’m hoping it’s still available on the bolt. This could be dangerous!

More retro…Peace Christmas. Love it!

This is what I’m stalking right now. Dena Designs Kumari Garden Holiday. Christmas, but doesn’t really have to be, kinda thing. I love that too.

Riley  Blake Christmas pre-cuts should be arriving on Wednesday for the Etsy shop. Do you think I can be trusted with them? Hmmm:)

If your not into Christmas, say it isn’t so, then we have new fabrics in the shop. Honey Child by Jennifer Paganelli.

Do you remember this Fabric Friday post? The one which Paige drew Kathy the kitty drawing for her Sweet Pickins’ bag. Kathy brought her bag in for show ‘n’ tell the other day. It turned out purrfect:)

Have a great weekend everyone! Next week Paige will be showing off the awesome batik quilt she designed and, finally, pics of the new quilting studio!

Our first official order..from a human, not a computer! It was exhilarating, exciting, scary and hopefully one day will be just another day at the office.

The Rep from Westminster/Free Spirit was at the house yesterday. With the rep, you get to touch the fabric, see the samples. The computer just doesn’t do the actual colors justice.We did have to pick some of the newer releases from the printed swatches because they hadn’t made it to the states yet. Which is why it’s so important to be at market.They have all the fabric samples there.

Now, I’m a planner. I was prepared for this meeting.

Printout out the products we were interested in..check.¬† Ballpark range of the money we were going to spend…check. Ok, I can hear you snickering now.

You definitely get caught up in the moment. So you wanna see what we got a little caught up with?

A few of Honey Child by Jennifer Paganelli

Heirloom by Joel Dewberry

Wrenly by Valorie Wells

And Taza by Dena Designs

We also ordered Kaffe fat quarter sets. And I promise not to bore you with every meeting we have with the Reps:) But I just couldn’t help myself. I had to share our newest fabric adventure. We should also promise our Rep. that we’ll be more decisive next time. There might have been a little too much…”I don’t know, do you like that, do we need that, should we?”

Paige is going to be at a retreat this weekend. Check back on Monday to see what she’s been up to.

Thanks for hanging with us this week and have a great weekend everyone!

I pulled some of our favorite pics from the designers blogs to show you whats coming soon. Visit Valori Wells and Joel Dewberry for more info on these fab lines. I know Valori has been busy making some pretty cool stuff from Wrenly.

Wrenly by Valori Wells…

And some Heirloom by Joel Dewberry…

Both of these, Wrenly and Heirloom, will be out in June.

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