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SewMod happy mothers day

Things my Mom taught me…
1. There’s always room for dessert..cookies, jello, chocolate mousse, cake…
2. How to create.
3. If someone’s bad mouthing you, at least they’re given’ someone else a rest!
4. It must be true…Because she said so, that’s why!
5. Not to jump off bridges because everyone else was…
6. That if I didn’t stop whining, she’d give me somethin’ to cry about.
7. If I didn’t stop rolling my eyes, they’re gonna stick that way.
8. She doesn’t care who started it, cause were both gonna get it!
9. That one day I’d have kids and they’d turn out just like me.
10. How to care for a family and that kid who turned out just like me…

Happy Mother’s Day. I hope you have a great day today…miss you!

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