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Two more rounds left for the CLMQG Medallion Border Challenge!

My goal for this challenge, other than actually completing it on time, is keeping it small. When the task/color for last month was chosen as a red Dresden block, I knew I wouldn’t have a problem. I’ve been making bitty Dresdens for a while now. I got this one covered.

CLMQG edallion border challenge

Do I really need to to point out the red. Nope, didn’t think so. It’s everywhere! I made 40 half Dresdens for a total of 200 Bitty Dresden blades..whew. Lots of fun work ya’ll!

CLMQG medallion border challenge

I took this baby all the way to Florida. I was the only nerd on the beach under an umbrella sewing 40 Dresdens by hand.


Red✔️ Dresden✔️ I also added a small red Dottie border between the 2nd & 3rd borders for some sort of separation.

CLMQG medallion border challenge

What’s next months challenge you ask? Orange is the color. Scrappy stars is the task. But wait, there’s more! We have to incorporate this green icky fabric in it somehow. As little or as much as we want.


My quilt so far measures 31-1/2″. This one will be a challenge for sure!

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Sorry for the lack of blogging. Last week I was a little under the weather. Had a bit of a cold that really left me drained. I did do some work though. I finished the binding on a quilt top that I brought home from my mom’s when I was home for Christmas. She hand appliqued this entire quilt in scrappy 30’s prints. Paige was generous enough to quilt the top and  and now it’s on it’s way back to OKC.

This Sunday was our SewMod Sew-In and I have to share with you the desserts we snacked on. Pattie is our talented cookie maker. Delish! Beautifully decorated and always tastes sooo yummy. Pattie, if you were missing a couple when you got home, Russell said he snagged 3 of them! I can’t really blame him though:) Vicki brought the cute little Lemon Tarts and the fabulous Valentine Cheesecakes.

We’ve also been working on a commission quilt for one of Paige’s friends. A real outdoorsy, cabin quilt. Lots of greens, browns, blues and reds and some appliqued forest friends. We finished that project up during our Sew-In.

We all made pretty good progress on our projects. This weeks to-do’s are a baby quilt to be kitted with the BackYard Baby line and potholder samples for an upcoming show. So be sure to check back later for those pics. Here’s hoping everyone has a great sewing week!

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