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Block 13✔️ Bee-Romantic is the reason why I fell in love with this quilt along…my obsession with vintage bicycles with a basket full of flowers!

Moda bake shop Bee-utiful QAL

One more pic…The basket was done with a basket weave stitch just in case you’re wondering.

Moda bake shop Bee-utiful QAL

Block 14✔️ Bee-Good. Yummy honey. I honestly eat honey straight from that squeezable bear!

Moda bake shop Bee-utiful QAL

Block 15✔️ Bee-Courageous. Go for it kitty. Grab that cupcake. You only live once!

Moda bake shop Bee-utiful QAL

Block 16✔️ Bee-Sunny. Go fly a kite!!

Moda bake shop Bee-utiful QAL

Only 4 more blocks to go🐝

Disclaimer: feelin’ sassy
Project: CLMQG March swap using decorative sewing stitches.

I struggle with this name..mug rug. Why does my mug need a rug and why for heavens sake would I spend all day making something this adorable to potentially spill coffee on it!?!

It’s not something your beverage should have the pleasure of resting its little ass on top of.

The idea of your buttery bits of morning toast falling all over this cuteness makes me shudder.

I even thought about adding washing instructions to the back, with just a simple “don’t”…because why would it ever get dirty!

Let’s call it “My Sweet Ride”.



Let’s call it quilt art.

Mug rug swap

Lorrie’s backing

Let’s call it a personality project because I see us in each one of them.

Mug rug swap


Let’s call it a mini reflection of our style…all in a teeny size of approximately 7″x 9″.

Wendy's Mug Rug


But don’t call it a mug rug!

We purchased several bolts from Riley Blake last week.

Some Sugar and Spice. We ordered the main piece to this which has all the red and blue daisies on it but it was already gone. We are learning that the process for buying fabric from manufacturers is ….you snooze, you lose!

And some Happier.

These 2 bolts are so cute. The Happier main has a whole scene going on if you look closely. Birds, butterflies, caterpillars. I just knew when this arrived that I had to embroidery something. I immediately thought how nice it would be to ride my bike along this fabric, so I jotted down some ideas and used the tree and critters as inspiration.

Embroidered bicycle


I used some scraps cut into different sizes to raw edge applique at the top. It’s a scrappy sky!

Just a little wall decor for my new studio. It’s going to be so nice to surround my sewing room with inspiring things, like this, fabric, or random pics. You never know what might set you in the right direction to make something unique. I even collected some Halloween scrap-booking papers the other day. I know something creative will come from those. Especially since we expect the Riley Blake Trick or Treat line soon.

Vicki is collecting those little cards that are on the front of Moda’s Layer Cakes packaging. I thought that was a cute idea to inspire her and decorate her studio as well. I’m sure, knowing Vicki, that her collection will be quite large:)

So, tell me do you randomly collect anything besides fabric that inspires you?

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