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Block 13✔️ Bee-Romantic is the reason why I fell in love with this quilt along…my obsession with vintage bicycles with a basket full of flowers!

Moda bake shop Bee-utiful QAL

One more pic…The basket was done with a basket weave stitch just in case you’re wondering.

Moda bake shop Bee-utiful QAL

Block 14✔️ Bee-Good. Yummy honey. I honestly eat honey straight from that squeezable bear!

Moda bake shop Bee-utiful QAL

Block 15✔️ Bee-Courageous. Go for it kitty. Grab that cupcake. You only live once!

Moda bake shop Bee-utiful QAL

Block 16✔️ Bee-Sunny. Go fly a kite!!

Moda bake shop Bee-utiful QAL

Only 4 more blocks to go🐝

I’m hopping right along with my Moda Bake Shop summer progress! I love staring with a great pattern and adding my own spin with color and fabric. So if you’re checking out the MBS blocks, mine look a wee bit different. For instance, I’m not using the recommended fabrics. Instead I choose a more ‘Lorrie‘ palate and went with the Riley Blake Backyard Roses line. Bright colors with a retro 30’s feel.

Block 9✔️ Bee-Fruitful      On this block I chose to machine applique the napkin/quilt the watermelon is resting on instead of embroidering it and added a lazy daisy stitch as the seeds.

MBS BeeutifulQAL

Block 10✔️ Bee-Kind      The changes I made to this block were simply floss color choices and added eyelashes to her because who doesn’t love pink fluffy bunnies!

MBS BeeutifulQAL

Block 11✔️ Bee-Industrious      Once again, it’s all in the colors. A brighter green tractor and I added more color with some purple wildflowers to the grass.

MBS BeeutifulQAL

Block 12✔️ Bee-Grateful     I just substituted the wool hive entrance with a brown cotton plaid. Easy-peasy:)

MBS BeeutifulQAL

Don’t be afraid to take an existing pattern and create your own version, your own vision of it. Small changes can make a big impact. This is how we grow as quilter’s. Go outside of the box and Bee-Creative!!

It’s hot y’all! But no matter how hot it gets here in Chicagoland, I know I can brave it cause it ain’t hot till you’ve lived your summers in OKC and the heat slaps you in the face and the humidity takes your breath away. So it’s hot here, but it ain’t that hot!

To stay outta the heat for awhile, I’ve been catching up on my Bee-utiful embroidery blocks. Take a peek and try to find yourself something to do this summer to get outta the heat dome!

Block 5✔️ Bee-Courteous…Check out those tiny 1/4″ hexies I made scattered in with the embroidered ones.

Bee-utiful QAL Moda bake shop

Block 6✔️ Bee-Sweet

Bee-utiful QAL Moda bake shop

Block 7✔️ Bee-Charming

Bee-utiful QAL Moda bake shop

Block 8✔️ Bee-Simple

Bee-utiful QAL Moda bake shop

You can find all of the blocks in the quilt along that have come out so far at Moda Bake Shop.

Two more rounds left for the CLMQG Medallion Border Challenge!

My goal for this challenge, other than actually completing it on time, is keeping it small. When the task/color for last month was chosen as a red Dresden block, I knew I wouldn’t have a problem. I’ve been making bitty Dresdens for a while now. I got this one covered.

CLMQG edallion border challenge

Do I really need to to point out the red. Nope, didn’t think so. It’s everywhere! I made 40 half Dresdens for a total of 200 Bitty Dresden blades..whew. Lots of fun work ya’ll!

CLMQG medallion border challenge

I took this baby all the way to Florida. I was the only nerd on the beach under an umbrella sewing 40 Dresdens by hand.


Red✔️ Dresden✔️ I also added a small red Dottie border between the 2nd & 3rd borders for some sort of separation.

CLMQG medallion border challenge

What’s next months challenge you ask? Orange is the color. Scrappy stars is the task. But wait, there’s more! We have to incorporate this green icky fabric in it somehow. As little or as much as we want.


My quilt so far measures 31-1/2″. This one will be a challenge for sure!

To read about the previous border challenges click below…

Border task 1
Border task 2
Border task 3

The March guild meeting was all a Buzz with excitement! Our first UFO prize was this awesome fat quarter stack of chevrons sponsored by Riley Blake. I would’ve died to win this and it looked so cute on my fabric shelf but sadly I had to part with it. It went to a good home and not to worry…there’s plenty more goodies to be had at our next UFO drawing this June. If you’re putting off finishing up one of those forgotten projects, you have three months to get your rear in gear…get it done!

Clmqg sponsor donation

Are you ready to Bee wowed by the cuteness factor of our March door prize? I used an orphaned dresden block, Ring a Ring a Roses Candlemat dresden, from one of my demos and whipped up this little bit-o-honey.

SewMod sewmoddesigns Bee Creative

I’m kinda obsessed with small projects lately.

SewMod sewmoddesigns Bee Creative

Just a few matching fabric scraps, trim and some embroidery.

SewMod sewmoddesigns Bee Creative

TBT..I didn’t wanna part with this either:) But that’s what it’s all about right? Whether I’m making projects, participating in swaps or giveaways, I always strive for my best work. After all, it’s a reflection of myself in each project. My goal is to make something I don’t want to give away. Because if I love it, so will someone else!

Bee your best. Bee-lieve in yourself. Bee Creative!

SewMod sewmoddesigns Bee Creative

SpongeBob SquarePants ain’t got nothin’ on the cute sea creatures featured on Riley Blake’s newest fabric line. Dive In The Ocean to find octopus, squid, sea horses and schools of colorful fishes.

When a new fabric line arrives, the first thing I ask myself is…“What can I make with this?”…besides a quilt?

I think we all like different options when it comes to sewing, whether it’s making bags, skirts, or gifties for the special ones in our lives.

So I chose to make a cute accent pillow for a baby’s room!

Splash! In The Ocean SewMod

I like projects that I can embellish and use different techniques like appliqué & embroidery. A chain stitch for the Splash really made the words ‘pop’ and adding the accent French knots to the anemone gave that some extra dimension too.  

Part of the fun of embellishing is searching for the trims and buttons. I came across tiny fish buttons and dug around my scraps for the ribbon. I even had some leftover Riley Blake jumbo red rick rack! Don’t throw those extra scrap pieces away. You might be able to use them on your own pillow!

Splash! In The Ocean SewMod

And check out those little fishes swimming through the ocean stripes. My mom is the crochet artist in the family, so we have to thank her for that bit of cuteness!

Splash! In The Ocean SewMod

I couldn’t forget the back of the pillow. It deserves something just as special. I fussy cut the selvage since the fishes were representing the color codes. A simple zig zag to tack it down and now it’s done!

Splash! In The Ocean SewMod

After I finish something, I can’t wait to show it off. I didn’t hear..”It’s adorable”, or “That’s so cute”. The first thing I heard was…Who’s Alex?!?

Lol I don’t know who Alex is! I just needed a shop sample and we have no babies so Alex was a name I came up with!

Does anyone need an Alex baby pillow?…..

Splash! in The Ocean SewMod

You can find all of these ‘In The Ocean’ fabrics and many of the newer baby lines in the SewModDesigns Etsy shop!


Have you carved your pumpkins, dressed in your costume and ate too much candy already? Ya, me too! Last weekend we had a small get together, ate, drank, and watched scary movies.
I was a nerd, which really didn’t require too much of a wardrobe change. Although I hope you guys don’t think I run around with my finger up my nose all the time.


Paige was Wonder Woman and she came in her invisible jet! What,…I’m serious;)


And Daisy was a princess in a tutu!


I finally finished that Which Witch’s Boot embroidery that I started quite some time ago for Paige. I think it turned out really well.

I do wish I’d been more heavy handed on the crayon technique. Live and learn. Next time I’ll try not to be so careful on the coloring. I found this image on Pinterest and I like how dark the boot turned out. It looks so real!

It’s in Paige’s hands now and she gets to choose the colors and quilting. I pulled a couple pics from the Internet for ideas to help with her decision. This is from the original pattern by Crabapple Hill.

And here’s some pretty cool quilting done on this one..

But this color combo is my fave! I love the green!

Have a safe & Happy Halloween everyone! No tricks…just treats!

It’s summer and I bet y’all are out having fun and soaking up the sun, right? Unless your spending a couple of weeks in OKC like I am and it’s too dang hot to go outside! So I’m using my time wisely and preparing for our big show this September in Madison, WI. The Quilt Expo is only about a month and a half way and I should be grateful for the heat keeping me pent up inside because I have tons to do! I brought along all the makings for a quilt we will be kitting called ‘Rosalie’ made from all the new Art Gallery fabrics we recently received. My mom and I spent a few days making this and I gotta say…LOVE IT!


I’ll post the others as I get them finished. My next project is a Christmas quilt. Christmas in July. Maybe that will cool me down.

My mom always works on embroidery when she’s sittin’ around watching TV in the evenings. She’s made some really pretty tea towels lately.




And I just had to show ya the wool table mat on her kitchen table.


Keep cool y’all and check back for more new quilts!

Sorry for the lack of posting these days. We’ve been really busy trying to get ready for the Madison show coming up in just about 1 week! Yikes! It’s been a frenzy of assembling kits and cutting fabric. But I did want to sneak in a quick post for everyone…

I got a chance to relax and enjoy our monthly sew-in this last Sunday. We all went out to Pattie’s new home. It was fabulous! She has great taste in decor.

She had a chicken salad ready for us and Watermelon Mojitos…yummy.

Kelly worked on the binding for a Halloween quilt made from charm square scraps.

This is a quilt Pattie had over a sofa in her living room. Stunning comes to mind. I think the kitty liked it too!

Pattie has four kitties. But Pete was our favorite. He insisted on helping us out at every turn. He happened to love the Cosmo floss. I’m pretty sure he thought I had brought it just for him:)

We decided to start a group project next year with all the SewMod girls. Each of us will make a 15″ to 18″ “house” block, whether it be pieced or applique. Anything goes. In January we will pass our block to one of the girls and she will add her own creativity to it, such as beads, applique, embroidery, buttons, etc. In February, it will go the next girl to embellish. I’m really excited about this project and I can’t wait to see the finished blocks. We really have a very talented and diverse group so the end results should be interesting.

So that’s what I worked on during our sew-in. I chose to do an embroidered gingerbread house from a pattern I purchased from an Etsy shop called BigBgd. Very cute stuff! I enlarged one of the designs and embroidered the outer lines so the girls could have fun with the landscape and “candy decor”.

I still have the side candy canes left to embroider but I made some pretty good progress this Sunday. Now gotta get back to embroidering the Witches Boot before another month sneaks by and it’s October.

Thanks Pattie for being a great hostess. We all had a great time and look forward to coming back.

I hope to post a couple of new quilts we’ve recently finished soon, so be sure to check back with us!

I didn’t get to spend too much time with my Jacks this weekend even though I’m really enjoying this embroidery. It has a lot of dimension. I tried to get you a good pic of it so you could see all the french knots and satin stitching.

I can’t wait to start those circle flowers! Why didn’t I get around to those, you ask? Well, I was super busy all weekend working on a new project for our show coming up this weekend, which involved making 80 of these…

More on that later…

And on other subjects, guess what time it is. Girl Scout Cookie time!

That box of Savannah Smiles are yummy. **Please, no comments on how my diet is going.** I had to buy them! Those little girls were in front of the grocery store in freezin’ their little cookies off! I couldn’t say no.

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