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I completed this quilt right before my accident and our friend, Andrea, did the binding on it. Actually she did all our bindings. A huge help!

I used the Heirloom line for this quilt. The “grout” lines are Art Gallery’s Oval Elements in Eggplant. The pattern comes from Heather Peterson’s book Living Large 2. I’m not going to say this was the easiest quilt. Those grout lines took some time and I have a couple of mistakes but I gotta say it’s striking and I love looking at it. Even with my mistakes:)

Next is Swoon.

We didn’t want to make the entire quilt just yet, so Paige took one of the blocks and made up a sample. She used Anthology’s Bonjour line.

These are the other Bonjour fat quarters to complete the quilt… greens and purples. It’s gonna look awesome!

It would also look good and so modern in Kaffe fat quarters too. Two totally different looks.

Happy Monday:) I hope everyone had as great a weekend as I did!

Paige’s longtime friends and quilt group were in town this weekend for some sewing and quilting. Ok, there was also some eating involved too, but we’ll get to that later:)

The SewMod studio was put to the test. We always ask ourselves…How many can comfortably fit in there? Will one ironing and cutting station be enough? etc, etc. All those questions a good quilt hostess asks. There were 6 of us, but I can honestly say that we were cozy but comfortable.  I think quilter’s just enjoy being around each other, showing off their latest achievement, and getting advice from other quilters. Give us a needle and thread and watch us go, no matter where we are.

Now go grab your morning coffee and come see what we were up to!

And don’t worry, Daisy also had friends to keep her company…here are Wilson and Daisy beggin’ for snacks.

And Sophie and Daisy beggin’ for snacks:)

How about we  start with a bit of show ‘n’ tell. This is a batik New York Beauty made by Karen S.

She made this quilt called Square Dance from Heather Mulder Peterson’s book, Livin’ Large, in Meadowsweet. I’m’ drooling over this!

Here’s some bright and happy quilt blocks that Margaret had been working on.

Since Paige and I have already “shown” our projects on the blog, I’ll show you what Karen V. brought me. The prettiest sunflowers I think I’ve seen. Fresh flowers always brighten the home.

And look what the girls surprised me with. The border fabric to the Anna Griffin Christmas collection. That was sooo sweet! Thank you:)

After show ‘n’ tell, it was time to get busy. Take a look at the seriously cute appliqued monsters Karen S. worked on.

She made us each a cute little sewing pouch.

And then whipped up a miniature quilt. She was super productive!

Check back tomorrow for Part 2 for more pics from our retreat. See you then!

The Northern Illinois Quilt Fest runs July through September and during this time some of the local barns and gardens are either featuring a painted quilt block or a quilt block garden, or both. Paige and I decided to hit the road yesterday for a little break from sewing and check out the ones that were being displayed locally in Crystal Lake.

First up was our local community college, MCC. The college has a small walking flower garden on campus. This was such a delight to me because I didn’t even know it was back there. If you’re a local, you should definitely take a little tour.

Everywhere we looked we saw perfect areas to drape a quilt, so we asked permission to come back and take pics. We had just finished up with one of our shop samples from the Pick A Bunch line. What better quilt to display in a flower garden than a sweet little quilt with colorful daisies on it.

This quilt was made from the Heather Mulder Peterson book, Living Large and the pattern was called Pretty In Pink.The original pattern had several appliqued flowers in the corners but we choose to leave them off. It was so sweet, it didn’t need any extras…it’s a Pick A Bunch of sweetness!

We took Summer Tweets along with us too. The Wrenly fabric was also perfect for these outside pics since it’s full of birdie artwork. There were two perfect spots to display it.

The quilts looked beautiful hanging in the sunlight surrounded by flowers and trees. This little garden would have made a perfect place for a small quilt display. MCC was featuring the quilt garden block on the tour, but to be honest, we still can’t figure out which block it’s supposed to be.

This barn is our local community space for people to plant a veggie garden who don’t have the space in their own backyard. There is acreage behind it and I always see the people back there tending to their garden. This block was the Weather Vane Variation.

Countryside Nursery hosted both the garden and painted quilt block…the St. Louis block.

And this one was a private participant in the tour. Their block was Ohio Star Variation.

I’d like to see them leave the painted quilts on the barns even after the show ends. Hopefully, Paige and I will be able to see more of the barns,  gardens, and festivities in the other cities in the quilt fest through the next few months. We’ll be sure and take the camera along so you can follow in on the fun!

Have a great weekend everyone!

I’m pretty sure that both Paige and I are a bit obsessed with dresdens. Paige is working on a quilt that has a giant dredsen in the center and I’m still pluggin away at my embroidered ones. We are planning on having both of those ready by summer. We have high hopes for a quilt show we’d like to enter.

Our latest is the sample we made with the Artful Home Table Runner…I’m in love!

I also made a set of 6 matching napkins to go with it. Both the table runner and napkins have a little extra touch with the teal flange. I think it really sets it off. And Paige’s quilting is awesome as usual!

Of course, I had to make a Christmas one! I used Heather Mulder Peterson’s Christmas line from last year, At Home for the Holidays. I embroidered 6 strand french knots in the middle like a dresden flower. This one isn’t quilted yet but soon will be. It will be available in the Etsy Shop also…that is, if I can part with it:)

We’re also kitting the Artful Home one and it comes with the free pattern! Hopefully I will have these posted on Etsy soon. We’ve been having nothing but rain here and my pics look so harsh with the flash. We need sunshine!

We’re so excited!! Our first fabric line came in yesterday!…Yay…happy dance around the living room. Paige came right over after work so that we could share the excitement of opening the package together.

It’s the Heather Mulder Peterson line called Artful Home from Henry Glass.

Paige already has a million ideas running through her creative brain on what to make with this. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with.

I think my favorite is the green and blue daisy “bubbles”.

Thanks for all your support and comments. We love sharing our journey with our blogging friends:)

I hope everyone has a chance this weekend to relax and create something special!

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