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My last birdie block is complete and on its way to a good home! I had a lot of fun stitching these and adding my own twist to some of the blocks. Thanks again Little Miss Shabby!

I can’t wait to see how Vicki puts all the blocks together!

I wonder what new and fun blocks await us for 2012?!

November Birdie block is finished. Only a few minor additions to the block this month. Birdie has a new pilgrim hat and a fat turkey for his feast, although Mr. Turkey is too pretty to eat! I stitched him in my Cosmo Seasons variegated¬† floss. And birdie eating Mr. Turkey might be considered cannibalism…hmmm.

A big Thank you to Andrea’s husband Tom for helping us out with our extra Birdie drawings this month. And as always a big thanks to Little Miss Shabby for such a fun BOM. Only one more to go…Christmas Birdie!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

October Birdie is finished and I’m back on schedule. I do have to admit that my stitching was a little shaky trying to do both of these so blocks so close together. But I think it turned out cute.

I switched the moon to the other side and added a witch’s hat to Birdie. She had to have a costume for all that trick or treating she plans on doing!

What kind of candy is she hoping to get the most of this year? Reese’s cups seem to be my, um, her addiction right now!

The buzz is summer’s almost over…bummer:(

Russell’s already registered for school and then before you know it, I’ll be getting up at the crack of dawn. No more sleeping in. I LOVE to sleep in!

I’m actually ready for fall, like I’m sure most of the country is, since we’ve had extreme temperatures this year.

Birdie’s still hanging in there though. I love the sunflower idea and my mom suggested a bumble bee. That was a great addition to an already cute block. Thanks again Little Miss Shabby!

I hope everyone had a great holiday. It was pretty relaxed here. Some sewing, some embroidering…..what better way to celebrate Independence Day than stitching up these cute patriotic birdies.

I definitely should have used a muslin backing before stitching this block because you can slightly see my threads traveling behind the fireworks and that kinda bugs me…ugh. I changed the Birdies from holding sparklers to holding flags. Then put smaller sparklers on their breasts instead of the stars and stripes.

Thanks for a great 4th of July block Little Miss Shabby!

My Birdie block for May is finally finished! I snagged one of my sewing machines and other necessities from under the paint tarp and set up shop “old school” on my kitchen table. It doesn’t bother me to sew there, except the table’s too high and my back starts to ache from stretching…or maybe it aches from having to use the proper posture to reach the machine.

But any who, it doesn’t matter how it was finished as long as it was. I must say it turned out cute! I don’t even think this pic does it justice. I weeded out some of the smaller flowers and used the Cosmo Seasons variegated floss. A different one for each flower.

Thanks again Little Miss Shabby for another cutesy, fun block!

I was definitely in the Easter mood while stitching Birdie & I wanted her to have a “Pastel Paas” thing going on. So I stitched her in pastel variegated floss & I found these cute little Easter egg buttons at my local cross stitch store to decorate the tree with.

Thanks for another cute block Little Miss Shabby. I’m having lots of fun stitching these!

I modified the Birdie Stitches block 3 just a bit. I couldn’t help but add some shamrocks and a leprechaun hat to the bird.

The cloud looks like I colored white around the edges but it’s just the grunge fabric. I think it turned out cute! Thanks for another fun month Little Miss Shabby!

Maybe the more appropriate title should be snowed in.

After that super scary blizzard Tuesday night, I had 3 feet drifts preventing me from leaving or opening any doors. It made for a claustrophobic me and a confused puppy, who didn’t understand why we couldn’t take a potty walk…ugh We weren’t dug out till 3:00 p.m….poor thing!

This is the path to my front door! If I was a kid this would be awesome!

So, what do you do on a snow day besides listen to your teenager whine about having nothing to do because he can’t leave the house?

Work on Birdie Stitches block 2.

It’s our 1st giveaway! This is so exciting!

I decided to turn the turquoise Birdie Stitches Block 1 that I’m not using into a giveaway for the blog.

The giveaway runs from Thursday, January 20th through Thursday, January 27th. I’ll announce the winner on Friday the 28th. All you need to do is leave a comment on this post and please make sure your email address is also attached to the comment so we can notify you.

I also decided to include a skein of embroidery thread that I purchased from the crochet4u2dye4 Etsy shop. I used these threads to make his earmuffs and scarf. I hope you love them as much as I do!

Be sure and tell all your friends and check back next Friday for the winner!

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