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Isn’t it beautiful outside today? …well it was when I wrote this blog:) Sunny blue skies and mild temps make me wanna spend all my time outside while I can. So today I took to the outdoors for a little crafting. I set up all my supplies on the patio, poured myself some sweet tea and enjoyed the weather while I created the sweetest little clock for my moms sewing room.

Today I’m going to show you how to make that adorable Button Clock that everyone has been pinning on Pinterest. So gather up the supplies, beg your mom to make you some crocheted flowers and lets get crafty!

SewMod button clock

Supplies needed:
Clock mechanism & battery (which can be found at Michaels for about $7)
8 inch Wooden embroidery hoop
2 fat quarters, clock fabric & lining
Embroidery floss
Crocheted flowers
Craft paint & brush, pink of course!
Scissors, marking utensil
Chipboard (found in the scrapbook section)

Start by painting your hoop with the craft paint and allowing it to dry.

SewMod button clock

Trace the inner hoop onto your chipboard and cut out with scissors.

SewMod button clock

To find the center of your chipboard circle, trace the inner hoop again but this time on a piece of paper. Cut out and fold the paper into quarters. Open and mark the center with a dot. Lay the paper circle on top of the chipboard circle and mark the dot through onto your chipboard. Using an awl or your scissors create a hole where the dot is for the mechanism. Set the chipboard aside. We’ll use it in a bit…

SewMod button clock

Place your lining fabric behind your clock fabric and tighten securely between the hoops.
Make sure the fabrics are snug and secure by tightening the screw at the top of the outside hoop.
Place your paper circle on top of your hoop and mark the center of your clock fabric with a dot. This will be where your clock mechanism will fit through. Make a small hole with your scissors through both fabrics big enough for the mechanism to fit through.


Now the fun part! Attach your flowers and buttons with the embroidery floss. I started with the “12” & “6”. Then the “3” & “9” and eyeballed the remaining numbers.

SewMod button clock

Once you’re finished sewing the buttons on, trim the piece approximately 2″ around the hoop. Add your chipboard circle to the back. This will provide stability for the weight of the clock mechanism.
FYI I added the clock mechanism before this step as you can see in the pic, but I would recommend doing it last. It made for difficult sewing in the next step:(

SewMod button clock

Using a piece of embroidery floss, create a gathering stitch in the fabrics. Pull and knot the thread in the back to make the edges ‘finished’. This will help the clock lie flat against the wall when hanging.  At this point, most hoop art is then covered from behind for a nice finished look, but if we do that, we won’t be able to change out the clock battery now will we?

SewMod button clock tutorial

Add the clock mechanism following the instructional diagram provided with the packaging. Tip:Make sure to press down and get a snug fit with the ‘minute’ hand. Otherwise it will spin and loose time. I also removed the rubber washer because it created too much bulk and my clock still keeps great time.

SewMod button clock tutorial

Add the battery, set the time and you’re all finished! Pour yourself another glass of sweet tea while you admire your craftiness!

SewMod button clock tutorial

SewMod button clock tutorial

Love this sweet little button clock? Well you’re in luck because I’ve assembled the complete kit and they’re available in the SewMod Etsy Shop. Kit includes the 2 fat quarters, crochet flowers, floss, buttons, chipboard, hoop, & clock mechanism for $25.00. Click on the SewMod link or convo me if you’re interested!

If you’re in the area join us March 10 & 11, 2012 for the Pride of the Prairie Quilt Show . Hours are 9-5 on Saturday & 11-4 on Sunday. The show will be held at Richland Grade School, 1919 Caton Farm Road, Crest Hill, IL.

I’ve been busy, busy cutting kits and preparing samples, but I did find enough time in my schedule to do some crafting this week. I’m totally hooked on hoop art, so I decided to do a little of my own by hooping “SewMod” and resting them on top of my peg board in the studio. Cuteness!!

Using Lush fat quarters, I fused and machine appliqued the letters with a decorative stitch on my sewing machine.

I added a piece of muslin for stability, hooped them, trimmed the fabric and pressed the trimmed fabric to the back. You can choose to cover the back but if its going against the wall, who’s gonna know, right?

So simple and sooo cute. It puts me in a spring mood. It also doesn’t hurt that our weather has been awesome. I finally was able to open my windows and air the house out…yay!

I promise on Monday I’ll be back with some quilt & booth pics from the show, so be sure to check back then. Have a great weekend & we hope to see some of you at the show!

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