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A quick tutorial on how I made my own labels in Microsoft Word.

To create my fabric labels, I purchased the June Tailor Iron On Quick Fuse Fabric Sheets For Ink Jet Printers in white from Jo-Ann’s.  This package came with three sheets @ $9.99. May seem a bit pricey but I used a coupon. And after everything was said and done, they ended up just costing around .07 cents apiece. Not bad if you ask me!

DIY Quilt & Fabric Labels

Open Microsoft Word.
From the Page Layout tab set your margins.  Adjust the margins by clicking on custom margins at the bottom of the drop down menu and adjust the settings to .2 with the up/down arrows for the left, right, top & bottom. If needed, this can be adjusted later also.

DIY Fabric Labels in Word

From the Home tab, you can either design your Name by clicking on the Theme Fonts and size and typing your Name in…

DIY Fabric Labels in Word

And/Or choose a high resolution image to add from the Insert tab. This can be done one of two ways…To insert a picture, click on the Insert Tab on the header bar and click Picture. Choose a picture from your files. Or you can add a picture to word by copying a picture from your photos and pasting into the Word document. To do so, go to your photos, right click the desired photo, choose copy. Go back to your Word document and right click in the space, choose paste.

DIY Fabric Labels in Word

DIY Fabric Labels in Word

Adjust the size of your image  by right clicking on the image and use the arrows to determine the height and width. Most of my labels were between the .5″ (height) & 2″ (width) range. This label is .37″ x  1.5″.

DIY Fabric Labels in Word

Once you have the dimensions that you like, right click to copy. Click off and next to the image, tab and paste the image to fill the row. Making sure you leave enough room to cut the labels out after they’re completed.

DIY Fabric Labels in Word

To make life a little easier, highlight the the row. Copy and paste the row to fill the page.

DIY Fabric Labels in Word

If you happen to end up with an extra page attached to your label page you just created, simply click on the blank page and hit the delete button on your keyboard to remove it. We don’t want to end up printing blank pages attached to our label pages.

DIY Fabric Labels in Word

Save your document. Print a sheet on regular paper to make sure that your sizing and spacing is exactly how you like it before inserting a sheet of the label paper.  Make any necessary changes .

DIY Fabric Labels in Word

If it’s to your liking, remove all the printer paper from the loading tray and place a sheet of fabric label paper into the printer. Make sure it’s placed so that the labels will print on the fabric side, not the shiny, fusible side. For my printer that means loading the fabric side of the sheet face down…
Only print one sheet at a time!

DIY Quilt and fabric labels

Let dry a bit..a few minutes. Cut your labels apart using scissors or a ruler & rotary cutter and do a happy dance because you just saved yourself some $$ and made some cute labels!

DIY Quilt and Fabric label tutorial

Now go make something fabulous and put your name on it!

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