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Lookie what I found rummaging through Paige’s garage one day!

SewMod DIY bistro

A little retro soda shop table and 2 chairs. It was hideous. Rusted. The seats were literally crumbling and I was pretty sure ‘things‘ were living in it…but I knew there was potential. It could be darn adorable. We couldn’t throw it away. Will she be upset if we do a little redo? We could use these in the quilt shows we attend or for photo shoots. We could make them… SewMod Style.

Acquire a partner in crime: Wendy will spray paint anything so I knew she’d be up for the task. So one day while Paige was at work, we got busy on our surprise.

Materials: 2 cans of spray paint, a disguise in case she comes home early, I mean a mask and sunglasses for protection, fabric and new wood for the seats, & a sheet to protect the grass.

SewMod redo spray paint

Babysitter for Daisy: this tree will work nicely.

SewMod redo spray paint

Go for it: Ignore all the neighbors staring at us and spray away. Then when that projects finished find something else to spray paint because it’s really fun now!

SewMod redo spray paint

We spray painted so much that day, we had to make another run to Home Depot! But it was fun and totally worth it!

SewMod spray paint redo

SewMod redo spray paint

SewMod spray paint redo

Her reaction: Surprise!! She loves it. Yay!

active-kids-1024x724My Partner in crime and I will be back soon to show off those ugly gold lamps and how we made them SewMod Style with a re-purposed shade to match!

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