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Well, how about just one booth at a quilt show because all I want to do is get my brag on about how soooo darn cute our booth turned out and I know you’re just dyin’ to hear all about it, right? So, here it is in pics, because it’s just easier that way, ya know, since I’m still typing with one hand:)

Last one…

I know there are some things in the booth I didn’t get around to blogging about that I’ll take and post about over the next couple of weeks also because they deserve some special attention.

And I know I’ve said it before but it deserves repeating…thank you, thank you to all our friends who came through for us during my down time. We had friends making samples, binding, setting up the booth, taking it down, cutting fabric and even letting us use their vehicles to transport. We can’t thank each one of you enough!

Good morning everyone! I’m feelin’ a bit better. My cast is on and the Doc says I’m healing nicely.

We’ve been busy getting ready for our 1st quilt show this weekend. We set up on Thursday. All of our friends have been so supportive, stopping by to sew or cut fabric for me. A big thank you to everyone who is helping!

Here’s the show info if you’re in the ChicagoLand area. We’d love to meet you!

Prairie Stone Sports & Wellness Center. 5050 Sedge Blvd. Hoffman Estates, IL 60192  Fri 10-8,  Saturday 10-5

Since it’s so hard to type one handed, how about some show & tell?

Here’s a quilt we developed for the show. We call it Sassy Strollers and is available in pattern or kit.

Thanks for hanging with me these past weeks. I’ll try to post more often. I’ll definitely take plenty of pics of the booth this weekend.

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