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A place for friends to gather and to work on projects. Relax, have a drink, learn something new, and show off your latest project.

We started with our inspiration….the colors in our logo, robins egg blue and chartreuse green.

We painted the walls Robins Egg blue. It’s so soothing and none of the fabrics seem to clash with it. They actually seem very happy in their new home. Ikea bookshelves were the perfect choice for storage.

We had tables, but we needed seating. I found green chairs! They’re perfect. Enough seating for seven.

I bought a kitchen cabinet from Home Depot and Nick attached a decorative top to it for the cutting surface. We took a peg board, painted it green, and attached a frame around it to fancy it up. I can hang all the tools and rulers on it. I got that idea from Creative Little Daisy’s blog.

The ironing station stayed the same.

Design wall…

And Daisy still has her perfect view.

We didn’t stop there though. Our friends need may need to use the restroom and it deserves the same attention to detail. Don’t you love a pretty restroom? I found perfect whimsy bath mats..polka dots!

I moved the quilt rack in there. I like seeing them while I put my makeup on. It makes me happy.

And I organized the storage in the restroom with the tubs I found at Wal-mart on my last shopping trip. And yes, every time I change a bathroom, I need to have matching towels. It’s a bit obsessive, I know:)

Ahhh…it feels so good to be organized:) Now it’s time to get to work!

A special thanks to Fix It Nick who did all the hard work for me. I couldn’t have done it without him…seriously..thanks Nick, Paige and I LOVE it!

I soon discovered when Paige and I decided to do Etsy that I had out grown my small loft as my sewing space. I was in denial for quite awhile. But as I was making the OU quilt it became apparent that I couldn’t sew a quilt that is actually bigger than the space I’m sewing in.

So, I made the decision to turn my master bedroom into a studio. I hired my neighbor Nick to help me out with the project. First things first….the design wall. We removed all the furniture and hung a 8′ x 8′ design wall on the largest wall. It’s 2 4′ x’4′ insulation boards taped together and covered in batting and screwed into the wall.

I bought 2 6′ tables for sewing. Now the SewMod girls won’t be squished around the kitchen table when we get together at my house. I still need to find some chairs for the tables. And when sewing machines aren’t occupying the table I can use it as an extra cutting space for the bolts.

This wall will soon have bookshelves for the fabric that are coming in.

I did have to leave the treadmill in here but tha’s ok. Daisy uses it to jump into her favorite spot on the window ledge. She likes to sit on her quilt and terrorize the neighborhood:(

I moved my dresser, which didn’t even have any clothes stored in it, onto the loft. I’m using it as a desk for Etsy, designing, and storing some of the Etsy merchandise in. It fit so perfectly there. It was like it was meant for that space. And I’m definitely replacing that awful chair. I’m stalking something at Ikea:) Just haven’t committed yet.

My Aviary quilt looks so awesome on the banister.

Now my bedroom is downstairs in the tiny “office”. Iv’e adjusted pretty well. We painted my bed, which was the color of the dresser that’s on the loft, black,  and I ruffed it up a bit to look worn. I think it turned out really nice. I wanted to that for some time now. I’m glad I went for it.

Everything I needed ft in here, including Daisy’s bed, and most importantly my flat screen. I don’t think I would have made this move if my most loved tv wouldn’t have fit in here:)

The tuffet is being used as my nightstand.

I even had room to display a few quilts.

I think it’s time to have the girls over for a little sewing, don’t you?

As some of you know, I use my loft space as my sewing room. Sure, it’s small but I’ve grown accustomed to the spot and I’m not sure I would be happy sewing anywhere else in my house. In order to keep my sanity though, I’ve got to be organized and I can’t keep too much of a stash on hand, so I try to use what I buy.

What little fabric I have, I organize by color, unless I’m not ready to break up the line just yet. I wish I had a “before” pic of this closet. Every time I’d open it, stuff fell at my feet. Embarrassing…yes! Paige suggested organizing by color and folding flatter than the fat quarters to optimize my space and be able to find things faster. I gotta tell ya…I’m loving it!

I bought a big binder and added these clear pocket liners to keep track of all my loose papers and patterns.

I built an ironing table with the help of the Container Store. It has a heavy board about 2 yards long as the top. I covered it with batting and then decorator weight fabric for the ironing surface. I bought a June Tailor Quilting Square from Joann’s and glued a cutting mat on the back of it to use as my cutting surface on top of the ironing table.

The bottom has container storage which houses a giant, annoying, unbearable to look in, overflowing, and I don’t dare open scrap bin, precuts, trims, supplies, to-do and current projects.

This used to be a batting covered board propped up against the wall. I would bump into it, the dogs would knock it over and it was just plain ugly. I had a neighbor frame it and we hung it on the wall. One of the best things I did for this tiny space.


A visit to Paige’s sewing room….

Paige has an amazing workspace in her basement. Lots of natural light and open spaces. A large wall space that will soon be her design wall. and a double closet for all her fabric. Let’s take a tour…

This is her new work table. A huge table top with lots of cabinet storage underneath.

She keeps a lot of her supplies stored in these blue boxes, like buttons and marking tools.

She organizes her to-do projects in basket cubbies.

Her fabric closets are also organized by color.

Hanging your  “waiting to be quilted” projects or these hand dyed fabrics  from hangers is a great idea.

And I gotta say, her scrap bins are way more organized than mine.

I think I’ll go organize my scrap bin now…ugh:(

Beware…you will leave navigate away from this post with organizational envy.

So, you’ve heard me mention SuperCool Kelly before…I like to call her that…Well, she’s sent me the pics to her new organized sewing room, and I gotta say… WOW!

Her fabric is so organized, she doesn’t even have to hide it. Look at this wall display. The fabrics are wrapped around mini bolts from Polar Notions. It’s like a tiny fabric store.

She calls it her fabric library.

She has a closet outfitted with the Elfa system from The Container Store.  It can be designed for any closet and is easily rearranged if needed. I have an Elfa system in my bedroom closet and I love mine too. I wish I had one for my sewing closet….see, the envy is already starting:)

The black boxes are from Ikea and have labels on them using a P-Touch label maker. This is where she keeps all her projects.

I get to see this fabulous sewing room in person next month. I’m not sure I can wait!

I hope you enjoyed looking at Kelly’s sewing room as much as I did.  Thanks for sharing your pics with us Kelly!

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