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Catch-up part 3…

Lazy Girl Designs brings us a fun way to play around with all of those zippers we collect. You can easily interchange your zipper pulls in this SweetPea Pods pattern.

SweetPea pods pattern

With the One-Zip technique, you cut the zipper apart and remove the pull. Sew one side of the zipper to the fabric, use her trick to get a coordinating pull back on and complete the sewing process.

This technique works with the Atkinson zippers and pulls and we have the colorful pulls in stock in the shop! The package comes with about 30 pulls to mix and match with your zippers.

SweetPea pods pattern

These make great little gifts and whip up in no time. Two different FQ fabrics, one for the outside and one for the inside will give you 2 Pea Pods.

I made these for the board members for Christmas and stuffed them with binder clips.

SweetPea pods pattern

This cute Pea Pod would also make a handy doggie treat holder when you take your pup on the road with you. I’m adding this idea to my project list!

Or how about a Valentine’s one for your secret pal filled with chocolate hearts!

The zipper pull technique also works on Joan’s Becca Bag pattern. I can’t wait to try this one next:)

Becca bag pattern

Both patterns and pulls can be found in the SewMod Etsy shop.

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