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I soon discovered when Paige and I decided to do Etsy that I had out grown my small loft as my sewing space. I was in denial for quite awhile. But as I was making the OU quilt it became apparent that I couldn’t sew a quilt that is actually bigger than the space I’m sewing in.

So, I made the decision to turn my master bedroom into a studio. I hired my neighbor Nick to help me out with the project. First things first….the design wall. We removed all the furniture and hung a 8′ x 8′ design wall on the largest wall. It’s 2 4′ x’4′ insulation boards taped together and covered in batting and screwed into the wall.

I bought 2 6′ tables for sewing. Now the SewMod girls won’t be squished around the kitchen table when we get together at my house. I still need to find some chairs for the tables. And when sewing machines aren’t occupying the table I can use it as an extra cutting space for the bolts.

This wall will soon have bookshelves for the fabric that are coming in.

I did have to leave the treadmill in here but tha’s ok. Daisy uses it to jump into her favorite spot on the window ledge. She likes to sit on her quilt and terrorize the neighborhood:(

I moved my dresser, which didn’t even have any clothes stored in it, onto the loft. I’m using it as a desk for Etsy, designing, and storing some of the Etsy merchandise in. It fit so perfectly there. It was like it was meant for that space. And I’m definitely replacing that awful chair. I’m stalking something at Ikea:) Just haven’t committed yet.

My Aviary quilt looks so awesome on the banister.

Now my bedroom is downstairs in the tiny “office”. Iv’e adjusted pretty well. We painted my bed, which was the color of the dresser that’s on the loft, black,  and I ruffed it up a bit to look worn. I think it turned out really nice. I wanted to that for some time now. I’m glad I went for it.

Everything I needed ft in here, including Daisy’s bed, and most importantly my flat screen. I don’t think I would have made this move if my most loved tv wouldn’t have fit in here:)

The tuffet is being used as my nightstand.

I even had room to display a few quilts.

I think it’s time to have the girls over for a little sewing, don’t you?

Paige’s tuffet was featured in digaliggins Treasury on Etsy titled “Sugar Rush“. Isn’t it a bright a cheery collection? A Treasury is a grouping of favorites in a certian style that a member chooses and creates. Being on a Treasury means added exposure on Etsy, so we’d like to send a big thanks to digaliggins for choosing us!

We would also like to announce last call for the Tuffet Class Sign -Up.  Next week we are going to set the dates for the classes. We have one full class and almost a second. If anyone is in the Chicagoland area and would like to have a fun day of sewing and leave with an awesome footstool that you can impress all your neighbors with, then let us know. We would love to meet you!

**UPDATE 6/12/2015 The Tuffet classes are Closed at this time.
Please visit here for the pattern and the blog post with Tips & Tricks for piecing and assembly of your Tuffet! Thank so much. Lorrie:)

Paige finished her tuffet this week! She used a full range of bright batiks. Can you believe that all 64 prints came from her stash! It looks like a jewel and I really love how she centered the flower batik as her button.

The only thing left to add now is the tuffet feet. But I don’t think Paige’s Kitty minded:)

For all you lucky local residents of the Chicagoland area, SewMod is interested in holding a Tuffet Class using the pattern by Myra Mitchell. We were thinking a Saturday or Sunday in the month of May or June. We are flexible. If we get 3 or more interested then we will hold the class. **Class requirements are intermediate sewing levels with knowledge of foundation or paper piecing.  Please contact us below if you are interested in the class simply fill out the fields and clicking submit. Have a great weekend everyone!

**Update: 2/23/15 If you’re looking for the Tuffet Demo & the foundation piecing tutorial, it can be found here

The tuffet party for the SewMod group was a success!

We met on Sunday and I couldn’t be happier with how everyone’s turned out. Let’s start form the beginning, shall we.

1st there are tuffet “cakes”, 6″ foam and heavy plywood, sprayed together with upholstery adhesive.

Jelly roll strips are foundation pieced onto muslin and sewn together.

Cover the cakes and staple underneath.

And if you work really, really hard….

your cakes grow up to be tuffets.

I used a Soul Blossom jelly roll on mine. I still need to paint my feet.

SewMod tuffet pattern

I had a great time and I hope the other girls did too. Vicki suggested trying the Amy Butler Gum Drop Pillows next.

Sign me up Vicki. I’m in!

Tuffet…eating her curds and whey…

The SewMod girls have decided to do a group project in a couple of weeks and since  Paige & I proposed it, we thought we’d try it out before we get together to help things move along smoothly.

We’re making this cute little tuffet.

I used a Blessings jelly roll for this practice one but I really wanna make one using the Amy Butler Soul Blossoms jelly roll.

It took us quite a while to get this done, mostly because I’m the absolute worst paper/foundation piecer ever. I had to keep asking…now where do I start? I’m surprised she just didn’t take it away from me and do it herself.  She’s very patient!

I think I’ll use my tuffet as a little bedside table in the guest room. Anyone up for a sleepover?

It will be so exciting to see everyone’s choices and finished tuffet.

I don’t think we’ll be eating any curd though. What is that anyway?…doesn’t even sound good…unless it’s Wisconsin cheese curds…yum,yum!

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