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This Clutch was made using the demo from the Martha Stewart show and pattern provided by UpStyle Design. You can find the printable PDF under Tutorials and Free Patterns.

UpStyle Clutch Tutorial

Supply List:
ONE FQ Non-directional Decorative fabric for outside of clutch. (Cotton may be used)
ONE FQ Cotton fabric for lining.
1/2 yard Heavy weight fusible stabilizer Pellon 808
1/2 yard Fusible fleece Pellon TP971F
UpStyle Clutch Frame

Basic supplies including: Sewing machine and standard foot. We will not be sewing 1/4″ seams. Coordinating thread, iron, tape, small binder clips, Rotary cutter, cutting mat, E-6000 glue.

*A note about glue…original pattern suggests Gutermann Textile HT2 which is imported, expensive and only sold online. The Martha Stewart show suggests Bond 527 Multi-Purpose Cement and I used E-6000 which has always been very dependable for any project.

Don’t forget any embellishments that you might want to ‘bling up’ your clutch with!

Cut your outer clutch fabric and lining to 13″H x 13-1/2″W
Cut your fusible stabilizer to 12-3/4 x 13-1/4″. (Your stabilizer should be 1/8″ smaller than your outer clutch fabric on each side)
Cut your fusible fleece to a 10″ x 13″ piece

*I recommend back-stitching your project.

Let’s begin!

Fuse your stabilizer to the back of your outer clutch fabric according to manufacturer’s directions. Center your fusible fleece and press into place on top of the stabilizer.

UpStyle Clutch Tutorial

Layer the lining fabric and the outer clutch fabric right sides together and pin into place.
Sew 1/2″ seam along the top and bottom edges…the 13-1/2″ edges.

UpStyle Clutch Tutorial

Making The French Seams:
Turn right side out and press. Fold the clutch in half matching the seams. Use small clips to secure the top of the clutch. This will prevent it from slipping while you sew.

UpStyle Clutch Tutorial

Sew a 3/8″ seam along the short edges (sides).

UpStyle Clutch Tutorial

Trim seams to 1/8″ and clip corners. Snip through the corner seams about 1/8″ to create a tiny opening. This helps the fabric lay flat after turning.

UpStyle Clutch Tutorial

Turn the clutch so that the lining fabric is on the outside and sew 3/8″ side seams. Turn right side out.

UpStyle Clutch Tutorial

With the corners of the bottom of your clutch flat, use a pencil to mark a 1-1/2″ diagonal line ACROSS the point as shown. *If you mark more than 1-1/2″ across it will alter the dimensions of your finished project.

UpStyle Clutch Tutorial

UpStyle Clutch Tutorial

Sew on the line creating the gusset. Repeat for the other point. Sewing across the marked line is easier if you place the bulk of the fabric under the machine as shown.

UpStyle Clutch Tutorial

Trim the points to 1/8″.

Turn once more so that the lining is on the outside and sew a 3/8″ seam. Sew slowly through all the layers. Turn right side out and press your clutch well before adding the frame.

UpStyle Clutch Tutorial

Mark the center of your fabric with a pencil. My clutch measures 11-1/2”, so my center is 5-3/4”.

Center your frame on the clutch with the clasp opening in the middle and insert your fabric. Place a piece of tape on each side where the ends of the frame are. This is your guideline for frame placement after you insert the glue and the tape will help protect the fabric from any glue that may ooze out.

UpStyle Clutch Tutorial

Remove your frame. Working one side at a time, apply the glue into the channel of the frame, starting 1/2″ in on each outer edge. Do not add too much glue. Work the glue towards the edges.

*I used the cut off end of a Q-tip. It doesn’t take too much glue for the fabric to bond. Use the Q-Tip to spread the glue into the channel. Do not fill the entire channel with glue y’all! Less is more!
It’s best to be patient and if it seems like it’s not adhering after the recommended bonding time, remove and add more glue.

After applying glue into the channel, center the frame and insert the fabric. Secure with tape. Allow glue to set for 30 minutes before repeating the process for the other side.

Remove the tape, open the frame and tuck the corners in under the hinges and close the frame.

UpStyle Clutch Tutorial

Pattern and hardware can be purchased from Robin Grawunder @

UpStyle Clutch Tutorial

Here’s a quick YouTube video for this demo from the Martha Stewart show. Happy sewing everyone!


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