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What the heck is Washi Tape you ask? Washi tape is basically a type of decorative masking tape from Japan made from rice paper that can be applied to all sorts of surfaces and repositioned.

What should I do with Washi Tape? It’s all the crafty craze on Pinterest. I even have an entire board dedicated to the idea. Any surface is pretty much up for grabs! Decorate any glass or wood, light switches, vases etc. And since it can be repositioned, it doesn’t leave residue behind. We’ve even put different tapes on wine glasses at parties so we can keep up with whose is whose.
Get the kids involved too. They love this stuff! Let them decorate a journal or wrap it around their school pencils.


Where can I buy Washi Tape?
We’ve found it on Etsy, Target, Michaels and specialty scrapbooking stores. The last tape I bought was from Target and the price was about $2.99/roll. Michaels was 3.99/roll but we’ve been using our 40% off coupon to reduce the price. The variety in the stores is growing each time I look.

I do find Washi to be a bit expensive depending on the project. I can’t even imagine someone actually decorating a table or a wall with it. Aside from the cost can you imagine the time it took to do this? It’s awfully cute though, right?

SewMod Washi tape

Organize your Washi!
To keep your tape organized and handy, you can make your own dispenser made from a Saran Wrap box and tension rods. Find this clever tutorial at iHeart Organizing.

SewMod Washi tape

This set was purchased at Costco during Christmas and comes with it’s own dispenser!

SewMod washi

And some of the tapes will fit your traditional desktop tape dispenser.

What have we made with Washi Tape you ask?
We’ve spruced up dollar store tea lights for the home and decorated some for Valentines Day.

SewMod washi

Clear votive candles. These were so pretty while they candle was burning.

SewMod Washi tape

And even added some style to our Apple chargers!

SewMod Washi tape

Check out my Pinterest board for more creative uses for Washi Tape.

So tell us..What would you Washi?

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