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It’s the season girls…Pj ‘s, hot chocolate, lots of TV and hand work. Yes, it’s almost winter and all I wanna do is bunker down, finish projects, and start new ones that I can finally finish this time next year.
Speaking of that…our annual downtime project last year is finally finished! It only took me a year to find the time..just in time to start a new one that is.

Let’s recap how these projects go…
*November/December is our slow time of year which allows us to work on projects for fun.
*We usually take a pattern or idea and put our own spin on it to make it fun & spark our creativity.
*2011’s project was the trees from material obsession.
*2012’s project was Tree House Hideaway from the book Hexa Go-Go. A must have for the hexie lover by the way!

hexa go go

The original tree house is rated ‘G’.


But my story is definitely for the more mature. My tree house is for adults only y’all.

Meet Samantha.


Her favorite mode of transportation is a bicycle and her basket is always full of pretty flowers.

She’s just up in the tree house ensuring a great time with her babe by adding a little something special to the punch…vodka:)..martinis are on the menu up in here.

Her Babe has arrived early for their rendezvous. She better hurry…

So sweet..he’s brought her flowers! Uh..he better have not picked those from her basket…hmmm.
Come on up Babe! Let me fix you a drink…It’s time for our Tree House Rendezvous!


So you see, just by taking an existing pattern, thinking out of the box, you can create your own story. Have fun with your projects. Mix it up! Not with vodka, but with different medias. Add embroidery, crochet, or buttons.


For example,..I added embroidered lazy daisies & french knots on the basket and his bouquet for more dimension. There are no rules when you allow yourself to make it your own.

Now I need a new story and I promise NOT to take an entire to finish this one…It’s time to create!

I pulled some of our favorite pics from the designers blogs to show you whats coming soon. Visit Valori Wells and Joel Dewberry for more info on these fab lines. I know Valori has been busy making some pretty cool stuff from Wrenly.

Wrenly by Valori Wells…

And some Heirloom by Joel Dewberry…

Both of these, Wrenly and Heirloom, will be out in June.

We’re so excited!! Our first fabric line came in yesterday!…Yay…happy dance around the living room. Paige came right over after work so that we could share the excitement of opening the package together.

It’s the Heather Mulder Peterson line called Artful Home from Henry Glass.

Paige already has a million ideas running through her creative brain on what to make with this. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with.

I think my favorite is the green and blue daisy “bubbles”.

Thanks for all your support and comments. We love sharing our journey with our blogging friends:)

I hope everyone has a chance this weekend to relax and create something special!

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