UPDATE: 12/30/2016 All MineCraft kits are currently sold out!

Looking for a quick birthday or Christmas present for your little gamer this year? If your kids and adults..you know who you are…have been hit by the MineCraft craze, then I know they’d be super excited to have this throw to snuggle up with on the couch. It also makes perfect decor for their bedroom or game room.

minecraft quilt tutorial

I’ve made a lot of MineCraft quilts! And I’ve had a few questions on size and cutting, so I thought I’d share with you how easy this is to make! A great beginner project from start to finish.

MineCraft Creeper Quilt

1 Half Yard Black
5 Half Yards Assorted Kona Greens in Honeydew, Basil, Grass, Tarragon & Chartreuse
Binding: scrappy or 1/2 yard, cut into 2-1/2″ strips
Backing 2-2/3 yards for machine quilting.
Batting 48″ x 57″

Quilt measures approx. 45″ x 54″

With a 10 x 12 setting, you will need (120) 5″ (charm) squares…
20 black & 100 green. I used a variety of Kona Cottons in green to create the pixel effect.

minecraft quilt tutorial
1/2 yard = 24 charm squares
Minecraft needs (5)-1/2 yards for variety

Cut each half yard into 3 strips of 5″ WOF.

minecraft quilt tutorial

You will have a little strip left over after cutting the (3) 5″ strips. Save those for your scrappy binding.

minecraft quilt tutorial

Trim the selvedge from your 5″ strips.

minecraft quilt tutorial

Cut each strip into (8) 5 inch squares. These are doubled from cutting…Each half yard will yield 24 squares.

minecraft quilt tutorial

Lay your quilt out according to the drawing in a 10 x 12 block setting. And if you’re wondering…why, yes, I was working on this at Starbucks and all this green talk made me thirsty for a Green Tea Frappuccino!

minecraft quilt tutorial

Sew your charm squares together into rows, Pressing each row in alternating directions.

minecraft quilt tutorial

Sew the rows together. Press.

For the backing fabric, cut the 2-2/3 yards into (2) 48″ long pieces. Trim the selvedge edges and sew the pieces together lengthwise. Press your seam open. Now you should have a pieced backing that measures approx. 48″ x 84″. We only need a backing that measures approx. 48″ x 57″, so let’s trim about 26″ off of the bottom of the backing. (See photo).

SewMod minecraft quilt tutorial

The backing seam will run horizontally in the middle of the back of your quilt instead of vertically. This saved us a little bit of $$ and if your backing is not directional, then it’s no biggie!

**TIP: Use the extra backing and scraps fabric to make a cute matching pillow!

Layer your quilt top, batting and backing.

I can give you a few tips that I use to help me with successful quilting.
This quilt is small enough so that you can work at your kitchen table. I begin by placing a well pressed backing face down. If desired, tape the backing to the table with painters tape. Next, I add batting, smoothing out from the middle so that there are no wrinkles. Finally, I add my pressed quilt top, right side up, on top of the batting, once again smoothing the fabric out from the middle to make sure there are no bumps or wrinkles and taping the top down to decrease puckering.

Minecraft quilt tutorial
Pin your quilt sandwich well, making sure you’re catching all the layers. The more pins you use, the less likely you will have any puckers as you’re quilting. I use a pin in each of the squares on my Minecraft quilt. ….sorry for the icky pic…indoor lighting in the winter here is, well, icky! I really do need a crash course in Photoshop…

Minecraft quilt diy

**a note on pins..buy the ‘fine wire‘ pins from the notions wall. They are not the same pins as the ones found in the office supply section at Walmart..no matter how hard your boyfriend tries to convince you that they are lol!

Some of you may need to attach your walking foot at this point to quilt.

To begin quilting, I increase my stitch length .5 and always work from the middle out. So this means when quilting the Minecraft quilt, I start at the top, 5 rows over, and work my way down the quilt and all the way over to one side. Then I work toward the other side from the middle out.

I quilted mine with straight lines approximately 3/8″ on each side of the ‘ditch’, horizontally and vertically to keep with the pixel effect of the game using green thread. I eyeballed it by sewing with the edge of my presser foot butted against the seam as my guide.

minecraft quilt tutorial

Bind your quilt. I like scrappy binding so I pieced all of my leftover strips together. I typically like to cut my binding at 2-1/4″- 2-1/2″ depending on which technique I bind with, whether it be by machine or by hand.

Minecraft quilt tutorial
If you’re machine binding, you might find this tutorial helpful.

And in keeping with the ‘theme of the game’, the backing is a black and white skull fabric. So perfect!

minecraft quilt tutorial

sssSSSsss…BOOM you’re finished!

**********************INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS**************************

KIT SHIPPMENT: Once again, if you are an international customer, please convo me as shipping rates are different for each country. International shipping rates are set by the USPS and KITS are mailed in a flat rate mailer. SewMod does not charge our customers for any ‘handling fees’. USPS prices for Canada are $20.85 and “everywhere else” including Australia and Europe are $25.25. A separate PayPal invoice will be made available to you after you convo me with the package destination. I’m happy to help! Thanks.

minecraft quilt tutorail

***If you’d like a MineCraft Quilt KIT, twin/full size 54″x72″, click on the PayPal button below. The full size KIT is 68.50 plus $12.25 in shipping for U.S. customers.THIS SIZE KIT IS SOLD OUT and no longer available. 

***Standard mattress sizes for a twin measure at approx. 39″x75-79″ and a full measures at 54″x75″.
This quilt KIT will fit a twin and provide a drop over the mattress on the sides. It will be a few inches shy on the length, but a pillow at the top fixes that:) We keep the sample MineCraft quilt on the twin in the studio, and it looks great!!

***If you’d like a MineCraft Quilt KIT, throw size 45″x54″, click on the PayPal button below. Each KIT is $48.50 plus $5.05 in shipping for U.S. Customers.-THIS SIZE KIT IS SOLD OUT and no longer available. 

KITs include enough fabric to make a complete MineCraft quilt, including top, backing, scrappy binding and tutorial. Batting NOT included. If you’d like to replace the Cobblestone grey option below with one of the greens used in the kit as your backing fabric, convo me. I’m happy to help!

Minecraft quilt kit

To choose your backing fabric, convo me in the ‘Contact Us’ tab at the top of the blog or send me an email at SewMod at hotmail.com. If no backing choice is chosen at checkout or by convo, the kit will be sent with the cobblestone grey.

Attention: The PayPal buttons are for U.S. customers only! Please convo me in the ‘contact us‘ tab or by leaving a comment in this blog posting if you need a shipment outside the U.S.  Thanks!

7/31/15 Update! We’re happy to have the Enderman kits available as well as the Creeper. If you’re interested in the Enderman, please click HERE for the blog post. Thanks so much! Lorrie:)

SewMod Enderman MineCraft Quilt Tutorial