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We’re being invaded…by cute animals taking a ride above the neighborhood in planes, saucers, and balloons! Seeing Stars is back in stock and kitted in a Riley Blake design called ‘Little Flyers’. The fabrics are perfect for this pattern. Just like the fabric says…it’s awesome!

SewMod seeing stars kit

Machine appliqued planes soar through this quilt among half square triangle (HST) stars. The smoke trails are hand embroidered in different colors using a straight stitch to add that special touch to the baby quilt.

SewMod little flyers quilt kit

HST’s are made using the Spinning Star papers to give you perfect half square triangles every time! You can find a quick demo HERE on the papers.

SewMod little flyers quilt kit

Quilt measures 45″ square. Kit includes instructions, the HST papers, fabric for the quilt top and binding. Batting & backing are NOT included. The kits can be found in the SewModDesigns Etsy shop.

SewMod little flyers quilt kit

Have you met Wendy? She’s the newest designer for SewMod. Wendy is a longtime Yogi and creator of YogaMod. Being a Sewista and health conscious, it’s only fitting that her first design be reflective of that.

SewMod YogaMod

She’s designed a Yoga Mat Sling with Fashion, Form & Function in mind.

Fashion: She uses the latest modern fabrics. The possibilities are endless when it comes to personalizing the sling with all of the trending fabrics. You could have one made for each outfit!

YogaMod SewMod  mat sling

Form:The Sling is versatile and can be worn over the shoulder or across the body.The metal hardware keeps it secure and your mat won’t slip. The length is easily adjustable using the loops. Bring them closer together for a longer strap and further apart to shorten.

YogaMod SewMod mat sling

Function: .  The Sling can accommodate more than one mat or a towel.
The extra D-Ring allows you to attach your keys, small wallet or a personal accessory.

YogaMod SewMod mat sling

The pattern is in a downloadable PDF and hard copy and it’s designed with step by step photo instructions making the assembly easy peasy! We have the Sling available in pre-cut kits including the metal hardware. And we also have the option of buying one handcrafted by SewMod. So stop by the shop and check them out!

We look forward to more ideas Wendy has to share. And maybe she can also provide us with stretching and relaxation techniques too. I know we could all use that after sewing all day!

Here’s a little video we put together of our booth at the Madison Quilt Expo! Make sure to come by and say hello while at the Expo.

Check out our booth video! And don’t forget to “subscribe” to our channel while you’re there!

Happy Monday!

I can already hear the moans out there:) But if you’re one of the lucky ones who get the day off, it’s the perfect opportunity to get something done. I’m a big believer in any task, small or large, that you can accomplish in the day is rewarding. It makes us feel good. It’s satisfying and always makes me geared up to take on the next task.

Our SewMod group had 1 year to make 7 rows, each of them different, for each member in the group. Each of us provided a fat quarter for focus and we took off from there.  For example, I made stars for Andrea from her fabric, dresdens for Shelley from hers…etc. In the end we will each have a completed quilt. I know, it’s a little confusing. It took me forever to figure it out.

We do our row swap in just 2 short weeks at our monthly meeting.

So, I’m using today’s post to encourage any of the group who haven’t finished to git”r”done!

Here’s a few of the girls’ rows completed so far.

Aren’t they awesome! Their creativity amazes me and I’m ever so honored that I was invited into this group. It’s literally changed my life….but more on that subject at a later date:)…. I know, the suspense will kill you, won’t it?:))

I can’t wait to show you my completed rows in a couple of weeks. My focus fabric is Halloween!

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