SpongeBob SquarePants ain’t got nothin’ on the cute sea creatures featured on Riley Blake’s newest fabric line. Dive In The Ocean to find octopus, squid, sea horses and schools of colorful fishes.

When a new fabric line arrives, the first thing I ask myself is…“What can I make with this?”…besides a quilt?

I think we all like different options when it comes to sewing, whether it’s making bags, skirts, or gifties for the special ones in our lives.

So I chose to make a cute accent pillow for a baby’s room!

Splash! In The Ocean SewMod

I like projects that I can embellish and use different techniques like appliqué & embroidery. A chain stitch for the Splash really made the words ‘pop’ and adding the accent French knots to the anemone gave that some extra dimension too.  

Part of the fun of embellishing is searching for the trims and buttons. I came across tiny fish buttons and dug around my scraps for the ribbon. I even had some leftover Riley Blake jumbo red rick rack! Don’t throw those extra scrap pieces away. You might be able to use them on your own pillow!

Splash! In The Ocean SewMod

And check out those little fishes swimming through the ocean stripes. My mom is the crochet artist in the family, so we have to thank her for that bit of cuteness!

Splash! In The Ocean SewMod

I couldn’t forget the back of the pillow. It deserves something just as special. I fussy cut the selvage since the fishes were representing the color codes. A simple zig zag to tack it down and now it’s done!

Splash! In The Ocean SewMod

After I finish something, I can’t wait to show it off. I didn’t hear..”It’s adorable”, or “That’s so cute”. The first thing I heard was…Who’s Alex?!?

Lol I don’t know who Alex is! I just needed a shop sample and we have no babies so Alex was a name I came up with!

Does anyone need an Alex baby pillow?…..

Splash! in The Ocean SewMod

You can find all of these ‘In The Ocean’ fabrics and many of the newer baby lines in the SewModDesigns Etsy shop!

Glimma SewMod

I promise this is my last post on Glimma. I just want to let y’all know that the cupboards looking pretty bare! Sadly but gladly, we’re almost sold out of the Glimma. I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun and made so many projects from one fabric line!

A few yardage amounts are still with us. I took the pic to give you an idea of how much of each one we have on hand. $9 $6

Our pre-cuts include several half yards @$4.50 $3 and 1 fat quarter set of 18. $40 $28

We have all of the solids on the bolt and pre-cut into fat quarter sets of 4. $7.50 $5

They need a good home. So hurry and get yours before they’re completely gone! If you have any questions or need a custom listing in the SewMod shop, I’m happy to help! Convo me:)

Just think of all the fun you’ll have with your Glimma!

SewMod Glimma Sale

Even after making that cute “True Blue” quilt, I still can’t get me enough of them. I did an Etsy search for baby whales and came across some other very cute baby ideas. And…whale, I hope you like them too!

Finley the crocheted whale from FloraBellaBoutique would be a great giftie or package topper for a special baby. She even makes this whale in different colors or into a mobile!

SewMod whales

Children’s wall decals look fab in their rooms or in the nursery! I used a wall decal over Daisy’s bed and really liked the way it looked and how dang easy it was to put up. Love the whale one over the crib with the baby’s name from Zapoart.

SewMod whales

I can’t get over how stinkin’ cute these blue baby shoes are from TheWeeLittlePig.

SewMod whales

Need party favors for the shower goodie bags? Well how about these whale personalized lip balms from LakeSideLipBalms! Made from sunflower oil, beeswax and many flavors to choose from.

SewMod whales

And if your cupcakes for the shower aren’t cute enough then add these cupcake whale toppers made from vanilla fondant from MissSweetSends. Oh my! I don’t think I’ve seen anything sweeter than this!

SewMod whales

The Etsy community is built of handmade artists and suppliers and is helped spread by word of mouth. Support your favorite Etsians!

The great things about hexagons are that they only require scraps and you can work on them anywhere…at the orthodontist visit, after school pick up, or road trips!

The Molecular Hexies quilt block is the final block for the CLMQG BOM. I hope to complete my remaining 4 blocks (8,9,10,&11) next week so that I can begin putting the quilt together soon!

This is a 12.5 inch(12″ finished) hexagon block based on the craftsy.com BOM and tutorial by echinopsaster.blogspot.com.

sewmod Molecular Hexie tutorial

12.5″ background fabric
Scraps of fabric for hexies
Paper template
Needle & thread

*read all directions before starting your project…

For the original CLMQG block, I used a 1-1/4″ hexie template and arranged them in rows of 5 & 4. If you’re working on the CLMQG BOM, but are unable to do handwork, I’ve provided the link to Jacquie Gering’s blog tutorial on Sewing Hexagons By Machine Without Marking for an alternative to English Paper Piecing.
For the block variation, I used a variety of the hexagon templates to create a Molecular Hexie block and laid them out in a fun pattern. You get to choose which design you’d like to add to your quilt. Be creative!

Print your templates and cut out the hexagons.
Template downloads
3/4″ Hexie
1″ Hexie
1-1/4″ Hexie
1-1/2″ Hexie
2″ Hexie

After you’ve cut the paper templates out, gather your fabrics and cut your scrap at least a 1/4″ around on all sides of the template for easy turning. Use a small pin to secure the paper to the fabric.

Molecular hexie sewmod

Either finger press, or if it makes you feel more comfortable until you get the hang of it, iron down all the sides. Once you’ve mastered the hexies you’ll no longer need to iron.

SewMod molecular hexies

Thread your needle and make a small knot. Use any thread to baste your hexagons. I like to use up some of my older, less expensive spools here. Starting on one of the points, work your way in and out around the hexagon and through the paper.

SewMod molecular hexies

To attach the hexagons, layer right sides together and whip stitch, grabbing just enough fabric to keep them together, but not going through the paper this time. For this step I use a coordinating YLI silk thread which can be found at your LQS. It glides right though the fabrics without knotting, is strong, & buries your stitches making them barely noticeable! I use YLI silks for all of my hexies and appliqué projects.

SewMod molecular hexie tutorial

Tiny whip stitches make all the difference to make sure your stitching is barely visible from the front. Practice, practice:)

Once your hexagons are attached to one another, clip the basting threads and release the paper. Starch and press back into shape. But don’t toss those papers out yet! You can reuse them for other hexie projects.

Molecular hexie sewmod

Decide on the hexie placement of your block and pin into place on the background fabric.

Molecular hexies sewmod

Appliqué your hexies with a top stitch close to the edge onto your background fabric.

SewMod molecular hexies

My Molecular Hexie was made using a variety of Kaffe and other modern prints and machine appliquéd onto a hand-dyed background fabric. I enjoyed this block and I hope you do too!

SewMod molecular hexies

SewMod molecular hexies

Now wasn’t that easy? The hardest part was just deciding which Hexie block to make!

SewMod true blue baby quilt kit

“Have a whale of a good time with the fun nautical prints in the True Blue Collection featuring whimsical whales, splashing waves and fun geometrics. Anchors away!”

True Blue is designed by Ana Davis. I just love her children’s prints and Blend never, never disappoints me in the quality of their fabrics. I’ve loved every piece I’ve ever ordered from them and this is no exception! True Blue is vibrant and fun to work with.

SewMod true blue fabrics

I knew I wanted to do a strip quilt with this line. It’s perfect with the big playful whales and the baby whales in a row!

The kit is available in the Etsy shop. It includes step-by-step instructions to strip piece the quilt in no time for that special little one. Kit includes all your fabrics, binding and backing, and sews up fast for a baby shower or gift. You can easily quilt with straight lines. It’s a DIY complete project! *batting not included.

And I have some helpful tips for you if you’ve purchased the kit and are ready to start on your baby quilt.

I fussy cut the baby whales to make this quilt, but it wasn’t any trouble to do so since the fabric was printed really straight to begin with. Straighten the edge of your fabric so that the ‘white wave’ is on the cut. Line your ruler up for the 2 inches. The white wave that’s next in line should fall somewhere on that 2 inches. As you can see in the photo, my ruler lined up between the waves.

SewMod true blue baby quilt

Cut your strip out and attach to the selected fabrics, taking note of the whale directions. They swim opposite each other!

SewMod true blue whales baby quilt kit

After all these years sewing, I make the most basic mistakes:( Am I the only one out there that still does this?!? The seam ripper is my best friend..

SewMod true blue baby quilt kit

Sew the strips together in pairs and trim the edges. *When sewing rows, alternate your sewing direction right to left and left to right. Alternating will keep rows straight and help prevent stretching in one direction.

SewMod true blue quilt kit

I hope you have as much fun making this as I did! And if you have anymore questions about the True Blue baby quilt, don’t hesitate to ask. I’m happy to help!

SewMod true blue quilt kit


Isn’t it beautiful outside today? …well it was when I wrote this blog:) Sunny blue skies and mild temps make me wanna spend all my time outside while I can. So today I took to the outdoors for a little crafting. I set up all my supplies on the patio, poured myself some sweet tea and enjoyed the weather while I created the sweetest little clock for my moms sewing room.

Today I’m going to show you how to make that adorable Button Clock that everyone has been pinning on Pinterest. So gather up the supplies, beg your mom to make you some crocheted flowers and lets get crafty!

SewMod button clock

Supplies needed:
Clock mechanism & battery (which can be found at Michaels for about $7)
8 inch Wooden embroidery hoop
2 fat quarters, clock fabric & lining
Embroidery floss
Crocheted flowers
Craft paint & brush, pink of course!
Scissors, marking utensil
Chipboard (found in the scrapbook section)

Start by painting your hoop with the craft paint and allowing it to dry.

SewMod button clock

Trace the inner hoop onto your chipboard and cut out with scissors.

SewMod button clock

To find the center of your chipboard circle, trace the inner hoop again but this time on a piece of paper. Cut out and fold the paper into quarters. Open and mark the center with a dot. Lay the paper circle on top of the chipboard circle and mark the dot through onto your chipboard. Using an awl or your scissors create a hole where the dot is for the mechanism. Set the chipboard aside. We’ll use it in a bit…

SewMod button clock

Place your lining fabric behind your clock fabric and tighten securely between the hoops.
Make sure the fabrics are snug and secure by tightening the screw at the top of the outside hoop.
Place your paper circle on top of your hoop and mark the center of your clock fabric with a dot. This will be where your clock mechanism will fit through. Make a small hole with your scissors through both fabrics big enough for the mechanism to fit through.


Now the fun part! Attach your flowers and buttons with the embroidery floss. I started with the “12” & “6”. Then the “3” & “9” and eyeballed the remaining numbers.

SewMod button clock

Once you’re finished sewing the buttons on, trim the piece approximately 2″ around the hoop. Add your chipboard circle to the back. This will provide stability for the weight of the clock mechanism.
FYI I added the clock mechanism before this step as you can see in the pic, but I would recommend doing it last. It made for difficult sewing in the next step:(

SewMod button clock

Using a piece of embroidery floss, create a gathering stitch in the fabrics. Pull and knot the thread in the back to make the edges ‘finished’. This will help the clock lie flat against the wall when hanging.  At this point, most hoop art is then covered from behind for a nice finished look, but if we do that, we won’t be able to change out the clock battery now will we?

SewMod button clock tutorial

Add the clock mechanism following the instructional diagram provided with the packaging. Tip:Make sure to press down and get a snug fit with the ‘minute’ hand. Otherwise it will spin and loose time. I also removed the rubber washer because it created too much bulk and my clock still keeps great time.

SewMod button clock tutorial

Add the battery, set the time and you’re all finished! Pour yourself another glass of sweet tea while you admire your craftiness!

SewMod button clock tutorial

SewMod button clock tutorial

Love this sweet little button clock? Well you’re in luck because I’ve assembled the complete kit and they’re available in the SewMod Etsy Shop. Kit includes the 2 fat quarters, crochet flowers, floss, buttons, chipboard, hoop, & clock mechanism for $25.00. Click on the SewMod link or convo me if you’re interested!

The SewMod Christmas in July sale is winding down with only a few more days left to save!

Here’s a few more items to entice you to point that mouse in the SewMod direction and get to clickin’..it’s your last chance to save 20% off the entire shop!

How about getting started on your Christmas projects with the cute wall hanging called Fruitcakes. Available in hard copy or delivered right to your inbox via digital download.

SewMod fruitcakes

The Folk Tale quilt kit is on sale too. Make a sweet quilt for a sweet little girl. I spy bitty fairies, birdcages, little dear, & hedgehogs inside hexies on these fabrics.

SewMod summer tweets

This is the last yard y’all of all the Boy Crazy fabric we have left…I’m tempted to keep it for myself!

SewMod boy crazy

We’ve also almost sold out of the Glimma fat quarter bundles of 20. We all know how much I love Glimma! On sale now for $36.00.

SewMod glimma fat quarters

Find these and so much more over at the SewMod Designs Etsy shop. Sale ends July 25th, 2014.

Before you hit the road for your summer family vacation, make sure you have all the things for a stress free ride with the kiddies.

Here’s a list we never leave without..you can never have too many options when trying to figure out how to entertain children on a long road trip.
Snacks & water
Electronic devices
Art supply case
Car Bucks & rewards
And…a travel pillow

Today I’m going to show you how to make the little ones a travel pillowcase that is so easy it can be done in an hour! So let’s get started so you can start packing for that vaca.

1 half yard for the cuff
1 half yard for the body
Pillow form. I used a 16″ x 12″
Basic sewing supplies
Use 3/8″ seam allowances

SewMod quick travel pillowcase tutorial

Cut the cuff fabric 6″ x 25-1/4″
Cut the body fabric 13″ x 31″

SewMod quick travel pillowcase tutorial

Making the cuff:
With right sides together, sew the short ends together and press the seam open.

SewMod quick pillowcase tutorial

Fold the cuff in half, wrong sides together and press.

SewMod quick pillowcase tutorial

Making the body:
With right sides together, sew the 2 side seams leaving the top open.

SewMod quick pillowcase tutorial

Trim the seams to 1/4″ and stitch the raw edges using a zig zag stitch to reduce fraying.

SewMod quick pillowcase tutorial

Turn right sides out and slip the cuff over the body, right sides together, matching the raw edges and the side seams. Pin well. Sew around the cuff/body opening.

SewMod quick pillowcase tutorial

Trim the seam allowance to 1/4″ and use a zig zig stitch to reduce the fraying.

Press the seam allowance toward the body of the pillowcase. At this point, feel free to add a top stitch if desired. Otherwise, you’re all finished!

SewMod quick pillowcase tutorial

SewMod quick pillowcase tutorial

So tell me girls…where will you be traveling this summer?

SewMod sale

Santa’s on vacation so were taking over and filling all those fabric orders that you’ve been wishing for. And we don’t even mind if you’ve been naughty or nice! Everything in the SewMod Shop is 20% off, even the previously reduced items.

Now’s the time to purchase Halloween fabrics. Get a jump start on treat bags or table runners.

SewMod Halloween fabrics

SewMod Halloween

SewMod which witch

Are you looking for a bundle of coordinating prints? We have many SewMod Stacks to choose from, including fab prints from several of the Art Gallery lines we carry.

SewMod Stacks

This is also a great time to stock up on fillers. Art Gallery’s Oval Elements are perfect for your projects. These bundles make great gifts for your quilty friends!

SewMod oval elements

And don’t forget about all of the kits and handmade items in the shop, including the YogaMod Mat Slings!

SewMod yoga mat sling

Sale runs from July 11th, 2014 through July 25th, 2014. We hope to see you there!

After staring at my Micael Miller challenge fabrics for 2 weeks, I’m finally done designing and quilting it!

SewMod Michael miller challenge

Anyone ever get stuck and can’t seem to find a vision when designing? Me too! It’s always easier for me to start with a few tricks to get me started.

Find inspiration. I knew the fabrics reminded me of all those pins I’ve been drooling over on my Mid-Century Modern Pinterst board so that was definetly my inspiration.

Write down every idea or design that pops in your mind!  This one is important. I can’t stress this enough. I do this for my writing also. Even if you don’t think that idea will ever become something you create. Sometimes just one thought/picture/word can catapult creativity. I kept a mini notebook next to me on the couch along with the fabrics. I came up with several ideas, all of them involving a kitty.  If you don’t write or sketch your ideas, you will forget them!

SewMod Michael miller challenge

Keep a visual in your sight, for instance your fabrics you’re working with. Now, I know this is kinda sadistic if you’re stuck in a design rut, but trust me…outta sight, outta mind. And that’s bad if you have a deadline! I used my portable desin board, which is just a cardboard moving box from U-Haul with a piece of batting pinned to it, to aide in this process. I pinned all my fabrics to it with my ideas and made labels to remind me what goes where, placed it next to my television, which forced me to constantly look at it, and proceeded to hem & haw over it another week.

SewMod Michael  miller challenge

You’ve decided on a direction, now go for it! Nothing changed on my board for that whole week, so I knew it was what I wanted to make. At least the basic idea, which included the kitty, tile counter top, and the button clock.

Once I started sewing, I told myself the story. What’s kitty staring at the clock for? Cocktail time, of course! It’s five o’clock and she’s a Cosmo Kitty! So I added a couple of martini glasses.

SewMod Michael miller challenge

And everything sorta fell into place. Embellishing is my favorite part! After quilting the background, I raw edge appliquéd. I added real clock hands to the clock, along with the buttons and embroidery detail to the Cosmos.

SewMod Michael miller challenge

SewMod michea miller challenge

You’re finished? Well you know what that means, right? Put your feet up and enjoy your own Cosmo while you admire your hard work! Here’s my favorite Cosmo to get you started…I’m sure it’s five o’clock somewhere.

SewMod Michael Miller challenge

Ice cubes
2 ounces vodka
2 ounces cranberry juice
1/2 ounce lime juice
1/2 ounce Triple Sec
Fresh cranberries and lime wedge

Cheers y’all!

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