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SewModMakes is your online boutique for handcrafted items designed by a variety of artists.

We all Need2Create & I am blessed to be surrounded by many talented friends & family members who have joined me to share their handcrafted items in this shop.

Alpine Wonderland quilt

We specialize in hand embroidery, crocheted items, quilts and yoga accessories. You’ll also find some of our shop samples there too.  We love to sew and craft and being creative for us is a way to express ourselves, reconnect with our creative spirit & share it with you.

Pick a bunch quilt

Look for more craftiness coming soon. Check out the site and our about page for more details and let us know what you think!


SewMod’s Christmas Sale is happening now! Everything in the shop is 15% off including all previously reduced merchandise.

Santa says stock up now so you can start those handmade holiday gifts!

Sale runs November 26th-December 2nd, 2014.

***UPDATE 12/11/14 …if  you’re interested in purchasing a MineCraft quilt from SewMod, you can click on the PayPal button below.  Each is $95 +shipping. If you are an international customer, please convo me through the blog or the ‘Contact Us’ tab at the top of the blog page. Turn around time for each quilt is 1 week. At this point, christmas shipment is not possible, although I’m happy to help you with your custom order!***

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Looking for a quick birthday or Christmas present for your little gamer this year? If your kids and adults..you know who you are…have been hit by the MineCraft craze, then I know they’d be super excited to have this throw to snuggle up with on the couch. It also makes perfect decor for their bedroom or game room.

minecraft quilt tutorial

This is my third MineCraft quilt this year! I’ve had a few questions on size and cutting, so I thought I’d share with you how easy this is to make! A great beginner project from start to finish.

MineCraft Creeper Quilt

1 Half Yard Black
5 Half Yards Assorted Kona Greens in Honeydew, Basil, Grass, Tarragon & Chartreuse
Binding: scrappy or 1/2 yard, cut into 2-1/2″ strips
Backing 2-2/3 yards for machine quilting. May require slightly more if you’re taking it to a long arm quilter.
Batting 48″ x 57″

Quilt measures approx. 45″ x 54″

With a 10 x 12 setting, you will need (120) 5″ (charm) squares…
20 black & 100 green. I used a variety of Kona Cottons in green to create the pixel effect.

minecraft quilt tutorial
1/2 yard = 24 charm squares
Minecraft needs (5)-1/2 yards for variety

Cut each half yard into 3 strips of 5″ WOF.

minecraft quilt tutorial

You will have a little strip left over after cutting the (3) 5″ strips. Save those for your scrappy binding.

minecraft quilt tutorial

Trim the selvedge from your 5″ strips.

minecraft quilt tutorial

Cut each strip into (8) 5 inch squares. These are doubled from cutting…Each half yard will yield 24 squares.

minecraft quilt tutorial

Lay your quilt out according to the drawing in a 10 x 12 block setting. And if you’re wondering…why, yes, I was working on this at Starbucks and all this green talk made me thirsty for a Green Tea Frappuccino!

minecraft quilt tutorial

Sew your charm squares together into rows, Pressing each row in alternating directions.

minecraft quilt tutorial

Sew the rows together. Press.

For the backing fabric, cut the 2-2/3 yards into (2) 48″ long pieces. Trim the selvedge edges and sew the pieces together lengthwise. Now you should have a pieced backing that measures approx. 48″ x 84″. We only need a backing that measures approx. 48″ x 57″, so let’s trim 13-1/2″ off of each side lengthwise. Press your seam open. The backing seam will run horizontally in the middle of the back of your quilt instead of vertically. This saved us a little bit of $$ and if your backing is not directional, then it’s no biggie!

Layer your quilt top, batting and backing.

I can give you a few tips that I use to help me with successful quilting.
This quilt is small enough so that I can work at my kitchen table. I begin by placing a well pressed backing face down. Next, I add batting, smoothing out from the middle so that there are no wrinkles. Finally, I add my pressed quilt top, right side up, on top of the batting, once again smoothing the fabric out from the middle to make sure there are no bumps or wrinkles.

Minecraft quilt tutorial
Pin your quilt sandwich well, making sure you’re catching all the layers. The more pins you use, the less likely you will have any puckers as you’re quilting. I use a pin in each of the squares on my Minecraft quilt. ….sorry for the icky pic…indoor lighting in the winter here is, well, icky! I really do need a crash course in Photoshop…

**a note on pins..buy the ‘fine wire‘ pins from the notions wall. They are not the same pins as the ones found in the office supply section at Walmart..no matter how hard your boyfriend tries to convince you that they are lol!

Minecraft quilt tutorial

Some of you may need to attach your walking foot at this point to quilt.

To begin quilting, I increase my stitch length .5 and always work from the middle out. So this means when quilting the Minecraft quilt, I start at the top, 5 rows over, and work my way down the quilt and all the way over to one side. Then I work toward the other side from the middle out.

I quilted mine with straight lines approximately 3/8″ on each side of the ‘ditch’, horizontally and vertically to keep with the pixel effect of the game using green thread. I eyeballed it by sewing with the edge of my presser foot butted against the seam as my guide.

minecraft quilt tutorial

Bind your quilt. I like scrappy binding so I pieced all of my leftover strips together.

Minecraft quilt tutorial
If you’re machine binding, you might find this tutorial helpful.

And in keeping with the ‘theme of the game’, the backing is a black and white skull fabric. So perfect!

minecraft quilt tutorial

sssSSSsss…BOOM you’re finished!

minecraft quilt tutorail


I didn’t get much done this week. I have a few photos from the great time Wendy and I spent with the ladies on Sunday doing our CLMQG Clutch Demo….

Friday Finishes...Save The Scooby Snacks

But most of my week was consumed with Boobs, Breasts, Honkers, Knockers, Jugs, and Tatas. And yes, I’ve even heard them called Scooby Snacks.

We’re all ladies and it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month so listen up…go get your mammogram! Start as soon as they suggest, at 40. They need a base point. A point of reference. Something to compare your future mammograms too.

Friday Finishes...Save The Scooby Snacks

Last week, I had my first mammogram. I’d been putting this off for a while, but nothing like an unexpected “bump” in your breast to put the fear of Jesus in you.
I woke up last Thursday with a sore spot and a lump in my left breast. I made a doctors appointment that morning because I can’t stand the worry. I’d rather know than not know, even if it meant bad news.

The thoughts that go through your mind while your waiting to be pressed and prodded…and then waiting some more. What if I have breast cancer.. Will I be strong enough? Will my Babe still find me attractive? What if I’ve waited too long for this mammogram…what if it’s bad, really bad?

I had two separate mammograms (because I had no base point, no comparisons) and was then sent to ultrasound.

Friday Finishes...Save The Scooby Snacks

The mammogram was a total pain in the boob. I didn’t even know my boobs could go that flat and if they weren’t sore now they were sure gonna be after this! Why do girls have to go through all of this torture? They don’t put men’s junk in a vise grip and take pics do they?

Friday Finishes...Save The Scooby Snacks

They found that my breasts were riddled with cysts, that can flare up with hormones. We hoped them to be fluid filled, but just to make sure, we made an appointment to aspirate. This would not only alleviate the pain I was having, but alleviate my fears of it being something worse.

Friday Finishes...Save The Scooby Snacks

So, on Tuesday morning, Babe drove me to my appointment. They numb the area with a long needle and lidocaine. A tiny pinch and a burning sensation. Then another needle was inserted to drain the cyst. If it collapses, we do the happy dance. If it doesn’t and the fluid can’t be extracted, then I’ll need a biopsy, which is done right then since you’re already numbed and prepped. But that means more waiting, and uncertainty, and not to mention, a foreign object implanted in the spot that looks eerily similar to the alien tracking device I remember from the ‘X-Files’.

Friday Finishes...Save The Scooby Snacks

Luckily for me, my cyst drained and collapsed! I win! I feel blessed. I can breathe. I’ll be able to actually sleep tonight.

I love my Scooby Snacks and I don’t want them going anywhere, anytime soon. I have a new appreciation for this cause. For getting regular check ups. For all the ladies, friends, mothers, & sisters who have fought this battle. I’m scared straight y’all! You can damn sure bet I’ll be getting my mammogram every year now.

Now it’s your turn!

Friday Finishes...Save The Scooby Snacks

This Clutch was made using the demo from the Martha Stewart show and pattern provided by UpStyle Design. You can find the printable PDF under Tutorials and Free Patterns.

UpStyle Clutch Tutorial

Supply List:
ONE FQ Non-directional Decorative fabric for outside of clutch. (Cotton may be used)
ONE FQ Cotton fabric for lining.
1/2 yard Heavy weight fusible stabilizer Pellon 808
1/2 yard Fusible fleece Pellon TP971F
UpStyle Clutch Frame

Basic supplies including: Sewing machine and standard foot. We will not be sewing 1/4″ seams. Coordinating thread, iron, tape, small binder clips, Rotary cutter, cutting mat, E-6000 glue.

*A note about glue…original pattern suggests Gutermann Textile HT2 which is imported, expensive and only sold online. The Martha Stewart show suggests Bond 527 Multi-Purpose Cement and I used E-6000 which has always been very dependable for any project.

Don’t forget any embellishments that you might want to ‘bling up’ your clutch with!

Cut your outer clutch fabric and lining to 13″H x 13-1/2″W
Cut your fusible stabilizer to 12-3/4 x 13-1/4″. (Your stabilizer should be 1/8″ smaller than your outer clutch fabric on each side)
Cut your fusible fleece to a 10″ x 13″ piece

*I recommend back-stitching your project.

Let’s begin!

Fuse your stabilizer to the back of your outer clutch fabric according to manufacturer’s directions. Center your fusible fleece and press into place on top of the stabilizer.

UpStyle Clutch Tutorial

Layer the lining fabric and the outer clutch fabric right sides together and pin into place.
Sew 1/2″ seam along the top and bottom edges…the 13-1/2″ edges.

UpStyle Clutch Tutorial

Making The French Seams:
Turn right side out and press. Fold the clutch in half matching the seams. Use small clips to secure the top of the clutch. This will prevent it from slipping while you sew.

UpStyle Clutch Tutorial

Sew a 3/8″ seam along the short edges (sides).

UpStyle Clutch Tutorial

Trim seams to 1/8″ and clip corners. Snip through the corner seams about 1/8″ to create a tiny opening. This helps the fabric lay flat after turning.

UpStyle Clutch Tutorial

Turn the clutch so that the lining fabric is on the outside and sew 3/8″ side seams. Turn right side out.

UpStyle Clutch Tutorial

With the corners of the bottom of your clutch flat, use a pencil to mark a 1-1/2″ diagonal line ACROSS the point as shown. *If you mark more than 1-1/2″ across it will alter the dimensions of your finished project.

UpStyle Clutch Tutorial

UpStyle Clutch Tutorial

Sew on the line creating the gusset. Repeat for the other point. Sewing across the marked line is easier if you place the bulk of the fabric under the machine as shown.

UpStyle Clutch Tutorial

Trim the points to 1/8″.

Turn once more so that the lining is on the outside and sew a 3/8″ seam. Sew slowly through all the layers. Turn right side out and press your clutch well before adding the frame.

UpStyle Clutch Tutorial

Mark the center of your fabric with a pencil. My clutch measures 11-1/2”, so my center is 5-3/4”.

Center your frame on the clutch with the clasp opening in the middle and insert your fabric. Place a piece of tape on each side where the ends of the frame are. This is your guideline for frame placement after you insert the glue and the tape will help protect the fabric from any glue that may ooze out.

UpStyle Clutch Tutorial

Remove your frame. Working one side at a time, apply the glue into the channel of the frame, starting 1/2″ in on each outer edge. Do not add too much glue. Work the glue towards the edges.

*I used the cut off end of a Q-tip. It doesn’t take too much glue for the fabric to bond. Use the Q-Tip to spread the glue into the channel. Do not fill the entire channel with glue y’all! Less is more!
It’s best to be patient and if it seems like it’s not adhering after the recommended bonding time, remove and add more glue.

After applying glue into the channel, center the frame and insert the fabric. Secure with tape. Allow glue to set for 30 minutes before repeating the process for the other side.

Remove the tape, open the frame and tuck the corners in under the hinges and close the frame.

UpStyle Clutch Tutorial

Pattern and hardware can be purchased from Robin Grawunder @ UpStyle.Etsy.com.

UpStyle Clutch Tutorial

Here’s a quick YouTube video for this demo from the Martha Stewart show. Happy sewing everyone!


This week, Susan and I made cupcakes. Pumpkin Spice Latte cupcakes. These turned out as beautiful as they tasted with homemade whipped cream & caramel, displayed with a fall theme. You want one, don’t you? We’ve made a plan to bake at least once a month. My diet’s gone to hell in a hand basket cause it’s all downhill from here with the holidays coming up.

Friday Finishes...Scandinavian Christmas

After my visit to northern Minnesota, I wanted to work on a little Scandinavian Christmas project, especially after seeing that cute Scandinavian cottage on my trip!

Fall Getaway

I signed up for an October holiday block swap for the CLMQG guild. We need (3) 12-1/2″ blocks for the upcoming holidays. With halloween at my heels, I decided to focus on Christmas. I had started a bom from Shabby Fabrics a while ago, which I never finished. I didn’t even make it to block two. And guess what?… It’s a little Scandinavian cottage! When I rediscovered this I knew it was going to perfect…perfectly adorable!

Friday Finishes...Scandinavian Christmas

I found this demo from Northern Deb Quilts, headed to Joann’s to get my Tri-Rec ruler, and made 2 tree blocks to accompany the cottage. The fabrics used for the blocks was Flora by Laura & Jessie Jung from my personal stash.

Friday Finishes...Scandinavian Christmas

I hope my swap partner loves it! Just don’t look too closely at my work…I was also working on a bottle of wine at the time.

Friday Finishes...Scandinavian Christmas

I also prepped for the clutch demo on Sunday’s meeting by writing a tutorial for the blog so that y’all can follow along too and I finished up Paige’s clutch.

Friday Finishes...Scandinavian Christmas

Don’t you just love it? Of course I’ll make anything I can attach one of moms crochet flowers to:)
The surprise is the purple polka dot I used for the lining and the brooch is something special from Paige’s collection.

Friday Finishes...Scandinavian Christmas

Look for that tutorial coming next week and pics from the demo. If you’d like to order the clutch frames, they can be found at UpStyle. A seriously easy clutch that can be used for a classy holiday get together or a night out with the girls. You can design your clutch with the fabrics you choose! I think my next one will be more whimsy. Maybe some novelty prints from Michael Miller.

And today, I’m hanging at Starbucks. Getting computer work wrapped up for the week while I enjoy my coffee.

So tell me girls… How did you spend the week? Did you make progress on a quilt? Work on any Halloween costumes for the little Zombies? Or maybe you could share your favorite cupcake recipe!

The only thing this girl likes better than the cooler weather and pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks is a road trip!

Fall Getaway

My babe and I hit the road last weekend to escape the city and see how close we could get to Canada. We rode all the way to Minnesota for all the fall colors. The trees were at peak.

Fall Getaway

We stayed at a cute cabin retreat in Grand Marais and hiked everyday to see the waterfalls and hopefully catch a glimpse of a moose or even a black bear.

We hiked up all of these stairs, which made me realize I’m totally outta shape, just to see this waterfall called Devil’s Kettle. It was strenuous y’all!

Fall Getaway

Two falls side by side. The second falls into Lake Supieror but the first one falls into a hole where no one knows where the water deposits. They’ve done experiments with dye and even ping pong balls.

Fall Getaway

We did tons of walking. My Babe believes a vacation is for sight seeing…not relaxing! We spent the days at beautiful Gooseberry Falls.

Fall Getaway

And he was kind enough to let me spend my evenings by the fire. Becuase, really I could barely move after all that sight seeing anyway.

Fall Getaway

How close did we get to Canada? Well, we rented a boat from a lodge on the Gun Flint Trail. On the other side of the lake was a pathway to Canada that we traveled trough by boat. So I actually got to go into Canada..technically. Check out this cute Scandinavian cottage.

Fall Getaway

I’ve never seen waters that looked so midnight blue. Just beautiful.

Fall Getaway

Did we see any moose or bears? No…none. but I did get to eat at the Worlds Best Donut Shop!

Fall Getaway

For the October CLMQG meeting, Wendy and I will be doing a demo on how to make this super cute and easy clutch.

CLMQG Holiday Gift Workshop...Clutches!

Now I know that y’all have someone that would really enjoy recieving something this pretty…for christmas maybe, bridesmaids gifts, or a birthday coming up?

CLMQG Holiday Gift Workshop...Clutches!

If you’re in the Chicagoland area, join us on October 12th, from 11-4 for the Crystal Lake Modern Quilt Guild meeting where several demos will be taking place. We meet at the Home State Mortgage center on route 14. Guests are certainly welcome!

CLMQG Holiday Gift Workshop...Clutches!

Shelley has posted a supply list on the CLMQG blog and on Facebook. We must have a confirmed number of attendees who would like to participate in the clutch demo by October 1st. An order will be placed for the frame handles in advance and to ensure you receive one, please RSVP on the MQG site or you can leave a comment here on this blog posting. The cost is only $5 for the frame which can be paid at the time of the class.

Here are the other supplies needed:

The deadline for ordering a handle set is
Wednesday October 1

Supply List:
ONE FQ Non-directional Decorative fabric for outside of clutch. (Cotton may be used)
ONE FQ Cotton fabric for lining.
1/2 yard Heavy weight fusible stabilizer Pellon 808
1/2 yard Fusible fleece Pellon TP971F

Please prep before demo:
Pre-cut your outer clutch fabric and lining to 13″ x 13-1/2″
Pre-cut your fusible stabilizer to 12-7/8 x 13-3/8″. (Your stabilizer should be 1/8″ smaller than your outer clutch fabric)
Pre-cut your fusible fleece to a 13″ x 10″ piece.

Basic supplies:
Sewing machine and standard foot. We will not be sewing 1/4″ seams.
Rotary cutter
Coordinating thread

SewMod will bring additional supplies including iron, transparent tape, mat, glue and your pre-ordered clutch frame.

Don’t forget to bring any embellishments that you might want to ‘bling up‘ your clutch with!

We will be making a clutch that is not pieced. Piecing the clutch results in too many seams to work around. So please, for your first one, bring the supplies stated and prepped before class.

CLMQG Holiday Gift Workshop...Clutches!

It’s so simple, you will be leaving with a finished gift! Thanks so much and we look forward to showing you something new!

The SewMod inventory sale is winding down. Don’t miss out on all the great savings going on in the shop!

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SewMod true blue baby quilt kit

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