Happy Easter everyone! What are some of your traditions that you do with family? Is the Easter Bunny visiting this year?

Yes, that’s a curly headed Lorrie with her fingers in her mouth.  I always got a new Easter dress, hat, gloves and pretty patent leather shoes. I loved dressing up for Easter. Even more than the Easter Bunny visit.

SewMod Easter tradition

I passed all of the traditions on to my family plus a little more..

The night before Easter Sunday, we’d decorate eggs.

sewmod easter traditions

Then Russell would put the colored eggs, along with the empty plastic eggs in his basket.

sewmod easter traditions

We also planted magic jelly beans in the garden. And guess what grows overnight?..Lollipops!! A cute little surprise on Easter morning.

sewmod easter traditions

By morning the Easter Bunny had arrived and left a trail of jelly beans from his bed to the exact location of the hidden basket. That Easter Bunny is a sneaky one! All the eggs were hidden and replaced with the “loot”.

sewmod easter traditions

Now the fun part..find all the eggs! Hopefully the Easter Bunny has filled up those plastic eggs with a special goodie. Our Bunny liked adding candy, loose change and some of the scratch off lottery tickets inside them. Here in Chicago, it’s usually too cold to go outside and hide the eggs, so the Bunny hid them in the house. But when I was little, I remember spending hours outside hiding and finding eggs. We all went to Grandma’s house for Easter dinner and all of our cousins were there to play with. Now that I remember back, it was really gross, we ate those eggs after they had been tossed around and played with for hours..yuck. I’m sure mom would not have approved!

SewMod Easter traditions

I don’t remember much about other holidays when I was little, except of course Christmas. But I do remember and have fond memories of Easter and the time I spent with my family. I hope I have passed these traditions on to my son and one day I will be enjoying them all over again when he has a family of his own.

Happy Easter!

SewMod doggie treats

My little Daisy May is absolutely the best pup. Having never been around small ones, she had no idea what to expect. She’s been toted around like a baby, had her hair brushed and put into pony tails. She’s endured countless dress-ups, posed for more pictures than a model and has to share her mama with my Babe and kiddies.
She’s always rewarded generously, a little too generously I might add, for her patience. She is snacked frequently.

Her favorite snacks are the homemade treats that we make. I’ve shared this recipe before but here goes again…

doggie treats sewmod

Oatmeal Peanut-Butter Doggie Treats
1/2C oatmeal
1/2C flour
1/2C corn meal
1/2C oil
1-1/2C whole wheat flour
2 eggs
2TBSP vanilla
2TBSP peanut-butter
1-1/2C water*as needed
Mix all dry ingredients in bowl. Make a well and add wet ingredients. Mix and add water in gradually till moist but not wet. Roll onto floured surface. Cut with cookie cutters and place on lightly greased cookie sheets. Bake @400 for 20min. Turn oven off and let them sit in oven for another 20min. to dry out.

While your letting those cool, take your BFF to the doggie park, for a long walk around the neighborhood, or or even for ride on the swing..lol

SewMod doggies

Now that she’s played and eaten well, let’s make her a new leash. Everyone loves a new outfit, right? Well, unless your dressing your pup up in the latest trends, then her collar and leash are as close to new duds as she’s gonna get.

Supplies for approx. 3/4″ by 5 foot leash:
2.5″ x 72″ strip of stylish fabric for your leash
2″ x 71″ strip of Pellon Decor Bond #809 iron on interfacing
3/4″ Snap Hook

SewMod dog leash tutorial

Center the the Pellon on the wrong side of the leash fabric, leaving 1/2 inch at each end for turning in and fuse according to manufacturers directions.

Dog leash tutorial

Press the un-fused ends in toward the Pellon.

SewMod dog leash tutorial

Press the leash in half to create a crease in the center. At this point you can use a pencil and lightly mark the crease to use as a guide in the next step.

SewMod dog leash tutorial

Press each side toward the center of the leash.

SewMod dog leash tutorial

Press the leash in half.

SewMod dog leash tutorial

Edge stitch the leash, starting on one end and working all the way back.

SewMod dog leash tutorial

Insert 2″ of one end of the leash through the snap hook and secure using a box stitch.

SewMod dog leash tutorial

With your leash lying flat as shown in the picture above…Make the handle of your leash by folding the opposite free end in approx. 7″ and secure once again with a box stitch.

SewMod dog leash tutorail

All finished! Don’t forget to make some for your pups friends too. Their owners will be amazed at your mad skills!

SewMod dog leash tutorial

Now take your pup for another walk so she can show off her new outfit! Let’s go daisy…

SewMod dog leash tutorial

The Michael Miller challenge fabrics arrived, are cut and are ready to be passed out this Sunday at the CLMQG meeting. I hope you’re as excited as me! This fabric is beautiful and so soft. I have an idea in my head about what I want to do with it, but of course I have to keep it a secret!

Michael miller quilt challenge SewMod MQG CLMQG

We have 2 alternate times for pick-ups for those of you who have registered for the challenge but can’t make it to Sundays meeting.
Paige and I will be at the Starbucks on route 31 in Cary in front of the Super Walmart from 9am to 10am on Friday, April 11th.
Shelley will also have them available from 12-5 Friday afternoon at Material Girl.

I spent all day cutting & bundling these.

Mm quilt challenge MQG SEWMOD CLMQG

And after I bundled them, I added a little ‘fortune cookie’ note to set the mood!

MM quilt challenge fabrics CL,QG MQG SewMod

If you’re unfamiliar with the challenge, visit the Modern Quilt Guild website and catch up because I’m sure you’ll want to see the winners and original quilts that the talented modern quilters come up with!

Now don’t get too excited. I’m not blogging about how I was whoopin’ it up or partying on the beach. I didn’t drink too much. I don’t even think I saw the sun. What I did do, was spend some one-on-one time with my Babe’s kids while Dad worked.

Day 1:Sewing Up at the crack of dawn, they headed over to the house because me and Wendy planned a fun filled day for them. I wanted them to see the studio and get an idea about what I did for a J.O.B. Needless to say, they were in awe of all the pretty fabrics on the shelves and wondered what we were going to make.

I dragged out all the patterns and we decided on slippers for each of them. I’d made these before and they go together pretty fast.

sewmod pigs in a blanket slippers

Oh craps..half of my pattern is missing..the important half..for sizing. You can’t tell kids you’re going to do something then don’t follow through. They tend to frown upon that. Which is precisely why you don’t tell them anything until it’s a sure thing! Surely I can improvise. They’re slippers and I’m a Sewista! Hers were a breeze. Cute as a button. His I screwed up after 3 times. But kids don’t seem to be too particular on the details.

sewmod slippers

Day2: Skating. It’s been a while since I’ve done that. I’m barely able to walk on my own feet much less on wheels! We survived. All but Wendy, who happened to fall on her knee and get a bruise the size of a peach! See, it’s not so embarrassing to hug the wall now is it?

Next stop McDonalds of course. Then back home for movies. The kid thing is exhausting ya’ll! It’s been about 10 years since I’ve had kids this small. Don’t they need a nap? Because I know I do!

Day3:Crafts. I forgot what glitter does. It makes a huge mess! It’s in my hair and my clothes. It’s everywhere.

sewmod crafts

Day4:Blood. A cut finger for her. And he couldn’t possibly let his sister out boo-boo him right? So he loses a tooth. Oh boy! Blood. You can’t shed some blood and not get a treat. So we walked to the 7-11 for an icee. Doesn’t a lot of walking tire children out? Probably,… but not once you’ve loaded them back up with candy and coke:(

sewmod booboo

We had a good time together. But I’m going to have to retrain my mom Spidey senses all over again.

Have you met Wendy? She’s the newest designer for SewMod. Wendy is a longtime Yogi and creator of YogaMod. Being a Sewista and health conscious, it’s only fitting that her first design be reflective of that.

SewMod YogaMod

She’s designed a Yoga Mat Sling with Fashion, Form & Function in mind.

Fashion: She uses the latest modern fabrics. The possibilities are endless when it comes to personalizing the sling with all of the trending fabrics. You could have one made for each outfit!

YogaMod SewMod  mat sling

Form:The Sling is versatile and can be worn over the shoulder or across the body.The metal hardware keeps it secure and your mat won’t slip. The length is easily adjustable using the loops. Bring them closer together for a longer strap and further apart to shorten.

YogaMod SewMod mat sling

Function: .  The Sling can accommodate more than one mat or a towel.
The extra D-Ring allows you to attach your keys, small wallet or a personal accessory.

YogaMod SewMod mat sling

The pattern is in a downloadable PDF and hard copy and it’s designed with step by step photo instructions making the assembly easy peasy! We have the Sling available in pre-cut kits including the metal hardware. And we also have the option of buying one handcrafted by SewMod. So stop by the shop and check them out!

We look forward to more ideas Wendy has to share. And maybe she can also provide us with stretching and relaxation techniques too. I know we could all use that after sewing all day!

Can I just tell you how obsessed I am with this Lotta Jansdotter line, Glimma? It’s a good thing we carry it in the shop…or maybe for y’all it’s a bad thing cause I’ve personally used most of it now. I know she has a new line out now, but I haven’t finished using all of the first one up!

I like it because its gender neutral. Don’t get me wrong..I’m girly, but some people in my life are not so partial to flowers and rainbows(aka…boyfriend). He’s cramping my style on all things pink!

I’d like to show you what I did with a Glimma Fat Quarter Bundle. First we kitted Cannon Beach with it. 20 fat quarters are required to make this, not including the background.

SewMod Glimma Cannon beach dresden

After the quilt top is cut and appliqued, the backing is trimmed away to reduce bulk and I was left with this messy pile that screamed…Make me ‘Glimma’!

Glimma scraps sewmod

So I obeyed. I decided to make a bag to hold, well just about everything including the kitchen sink. Paige designed Sophie’s Bag and everyone has one but me..guess I’ll have to make my own, Paige:) it requires just 1 yard of quilted fabric. First thing I did was take the trimmed backing and cut into useable sizes, and I sewed it together to make the inside piece and handles for the bag. I then just cut as many leftover Glimma pieces as possible into random squares and rectangles to ‘piece’ a top.

SewMod glimma

Design away! Just try to keep your dog from thinking it’s her new blankie:(

SewMod glimma

And this is my new yardage for my bag. And no, I have not finished quilting it. Y’all know how much I hate to quilt! But it’s coming along and soon, hopefully by next week I’ll have an update on the finished bag.

SewMod glimma

So, while you wait patiently while I curse and cry through my quilting, let me show you what I did with my second Glimma fat quarter bundle…

I had serious unruly grocery store bags. My organizational OCD demanded I contain them so I searched Pinterest for an easy sewing project. I made this in about an hour. And yes it’s surrounded by all things pink:)

SewMod grocery bag holder

Then I made these double sided napkins with the rest!

Napkins SewMod

SewMod glimma napkins

But wait, there’s more! Wendy made a clock for her sewing room out of one of them too.

SewMod button clock glimma

I still have a tiny bit left over from my bundles….scrappy potholders perhaps?

A big thanks to everyone who came to see us at the Pride Of The Prairie quilt show last weekend. It was a huge success and we really love vending there. We were so busy I didn’t even get a chance to see the quilts but I heard they were beautiful…bummer.

I worked my mad skills on the booth. I seem to enjoy that process a lot. I love seeing the transformation from a backdrop and a table to something that draws people over..smiling and shopping of course. I wish I had taken a before pic.

sewmod pride of the prairie

Did a little promoting of the Crystal lake Modern Quilt Guild, which by the way is growing tremendously. We now have 61 members and its only our 1st year! I’d say that is amazing, right!

sewmod CLMQG

Took this great shot of the Sassy Strollers Quilt. So sweet…

sewmod sassy strollers

And Paige managed to work her mad skills creating some more SewMod Stacks while we were there. You can find these and many more in the Etsy shop. I added about 12 new sets the other day. The SewMod Stacks pull from different fabric companies & different lines to mix & match. We like to show quilters that you can jump out of that pre-made bundle and mix it up. It’s ok to do your own thing! The SewMod Stacks tend to sell pretty fast. We offer them at a 15% discount.

SewMod Stacks

SewMod Satcks

It was really hard trying to keep Paige away from sneaking off with them for herself!

sewmod stacks

Next week were releasing a new SewMod pattern so stay tuned ya’ll. Until then have a great weekend!


Come visit us the weekend of March 8th & 9th, 2014 in Crest Hill, IL. We will be vending with the Pride Of The Prairie Quilt Guild.

Location: Richland Grade School, 1919 Caton Farm Road, Crest Hill. Just 1/4 mile west of Caton Farm & Weber Road.
Hours: Saturday 9 to 5 and Sunday 10 to 4
Admission: $6

We’ve begun cutting and preparing kits. And we have some new and exciting things to share!


This is a small but wonderful quilt show that we really enjoyed vending at last time. Friendly people and beautiful quilts! We’d love to see you there!


Sale, Sale, it’s our Holiday Sale!! At least 20% off everything in the shop. Even sale prices!

We are cleaning house, literally. Making room for new merchandise and freeing up some space for creativity. I’ve set several fun fabrics aside just for me. I’m hoping to do some creating of my own with some of this cuteness!  This is Folk Tale  mixed with some Oval Elements.


We have kits, half yards & fabric bundles, books & patterns.

This bundle Paige put together would make a fabulous boy quilt! There’s some Art Gallery Fabrics mixed in with more Folk Tale.


Hurry for the remaining christmas fabrics. Those are nearly sold out! If you don’t see something that you think we have, just send me a convo. New items are updated weekly. Sale is good thru the end of the year, December 31, 2013.

Have a great weekend & happy shopping!

It’s the season girls…Pj ‘s, hot chocolate, lots of TV and hand work. Yes, it’s almost winter and all I wanna do is bunker down, finish projects, and start new ones that I can finally finish this time next year.
Speaking of that…our annual downtime project last year is finally finished! It only took me a year to find the time..just in time to start a new one that is.

Let’s recap how these projects go…
*November/December is our slow time of year which allows us to work on projects for fun.
*We usually take a pattern or idea and put our own spin on it to make it fun & spark our creativity.
*2011′s project was the trees from material obsession.
*2012′s project was Tree House Hideaway from the book Hexa Go-Go. A must have for the hexie lover by the way!

hexa go go

The original tree house is rated ‘G’.


But my story is definitely for the more mature. My tree house is for adults only y’all.

Meet Samantha.


Her favorite mode of transportation is a bicycle and her basket is always full of pretty flowers.

She’s just up in the tree house ensuring a great time with her babe by adding a little something special to the punch…vodka:)..martinis are on the menu up in here.

Her Babe has arrived early for their rendezvous. She better hurry…

So sweet..he’s brought her flowers! Uh..he better have not picked those from her basket…hmmm.
Come on up Babe! Let me fix you a drink…It’s time for our Tree House Rendezvous!


So you see, just by taking an existing pattern, thinking out of the box, you can create your own story. Have fun with your projects. Mix it up! Not with vodka, but with different medias. Add embroidery, crochet, or buttons.


For example,..I added embroidered lazy daisies & french knots on the basket and his bouquet for more dimension. There are no rules when you allow yourself to make it your own.

Now I need a new story and I promise NOT to take an entire to finish this one…It’s time to create!

SewMod Designs

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